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Army fancy dress costumes are very popular and are available in various sizes for a number of age groups including adults and kids. Renting costumes used to be the first port of call for someone attending a fancy dress party but many have now turned to the high street or the Internet to buy one. Uniforms to choose from include that of a lieutenant, colonel, major or sergeant to name a few. If you’re wanting to stand to attention (giggle) at your next dressing up event this is an easy go to choice.

A number of accessories can also be found that will make the army fancy dress much more realistic and fun at the same time. A plastic gun is a perfect example of this. You could also choose a cap, other weapons (plastic knife, though be careful with it if you’re going out) and boots to name a few of the various accessories with which the soldier’s look could be completed.

A girl in an army fancy dress costume

Before deciding on the type of army fancy dress you want you have to decide on the type of uniform you like. It could be a naval officer, air force officer, paratrooper or a soldier. Very few army fancy dresses can never be considered dull or boring as they remain one of the most popular costume choices to date. An army costume can offer you a lot of flexibility in design. You’re thankfully not restricted to plain brown outfits as you can choose to wear army costumes belonging to various countries from all over the world. For example, a British soldier’s costume would be different to a French uniform.

Other Army Fancy Dress Ideas

Are you looking for something a little more saucy? Another option with army fancy dress is to dress as an army nurse. Nurse costumes remain popular and are still top picks for people who dress up for fun.

Most nurse outfits come with a cap, white dress (made from a range of materials from basic cotton blend to more risque shiny PVC), thermometer and a name tag. With these things you can take on the look of a stereotypical nurse.

It’s important to consider the type of party you’re attending and the type of people who will be attending. It’s our advice (pretty please) that you should leave the tight, cleavage revealing, skin tight camo mini dress in your wardrobe if you’re going to a kids party.

A girl in an army costume

Selecting army fancy dress outfits from the past is very popular with the reenactment scene. It’s very common to find uniforms based on these worn during the world wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 or those worn by the Americans in Vietnam. Numerous websites showcase old uniforms and they can be excellent resources if you’re researching an old outfit. Getting hold of accessories such as shirt badges can be tricky but Google and eBay would be your friend in this situation.

Army Costumes for Kids

Army fancy dress costumes are also available for children (some are adorable!). It’s unsurprising that most young boys want to dress up in a camo uniform and play army (brings back some good memories).

The majority of kids army costumes are quite basic but do the job perfectly. They usually come with a camo jacket and trousers while many also have a cap. Going to a pound shop will likely kit you out with accessories for little money. If you’re going to add a gun to the costume make sure it’s plastic and isn’t real (don’t laugh, some people really do need to be told).

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