Catwoman Costume

Every time she passes by another human, a Catwoman gives out the message: ‘I am enigmatic. Unpredictability marks my behaviour. Smartness and good-natured humour covers every bit and piece of me.’ And to carry that off, the Catwoman costume must be perfectly made and worn.

A black PVC Catwoman costume

If we read through the history of Catwoman, we will realize that this icon initially did not have a disguise and it was only much later that she began to don a face-covering cat mask. The costume slowly developed from a simple dress with a hood (that came with the ears) to a catsuit that carried attached boots and glasses-mask. The catsuit was green in colour around 1960s. It is possible this colour was chosen because Green stood for villains of that era. A purple catsuit replaced the green one in 1990s, before she switched to a black PVC catsuit. Consequently, the Catwoman costume has dangled somewhere between these two versions of the catsuit (purple and black one). Ed Brubaker remarked that his 2001 character face-lift was inspired by Emma Peel’s leather catsuit in The Avengers TV Series that carried great technological benefits with infrared goggles.

More recently, the catwoman costume black catsuit has been the centre of attention and various versions of this black catsuit have emerged. One Catwoman costume contains a black hood accompanied by black half-mask, black gloves and ominous claws to provide a very compact look. Another Catwoman kit constitutes a leather top and pants with headpiece, cat ears, belt and boots. Yet another costume set includes a black spandex foil catsuit with corset style top, tail, headband and cat ears. Catwoman wigs and Mary Jane pumps are also available separately. These catwoman costume options will range from £25 to £200, depending on the company you select and the accessories you purchase with the Catwoman costume.

Latex Catwoman Costume

The basic edition of the Catwoman blacksuit is appealing and easy to make at home if you opt for the old Eartha Kitt version. To make this Catwoman costume, you will need two pairs of black tights (preferably one new and another old), a sewing kit, cotton wool and black paper, cello tape.  A dark hair band, hair straightener, a pale powder, a dark lipstick, lip liner, and black eyeliner will be required to take care of the make-up to go along with the costume.


Catwoman Costume Outfit

Before you buy jumpers and tights, make sure you have exact measurements of your waist and hip. Buy dark and thick tights. This is to make sure that one cannot see through them. Stuff your old tights with cotton wool, to make the tail for your Catwoman costume. This will give it a 3D effect. Carefully sew this tail on the back of your tights at the right angel. Make cat ears by cutting big triangles out of a black paper. Tape these triangles to a dark hair band and ensure you placed the ears at the appropriate places.



Catwoman Costume Makeup and Hair

Catwoman has straight hair. You can either straighten your hair or tie it in a high ponytail. To get the Catwoman-appearance, apply a pale powder to your face. When choosing the lipstick, make sure it is of a dark shade (preferably in the lines of berry, deep red) and use a lip liner to highlight the contrast. Black eyeliner will perfectly suit the outfit. Lastly, if you wish to add a touch of boldness to the Catwoman costume, use your eyeliner to make whiskers.

Have a great time with a Catwoman costume guaranteed to burn the grounds of a hundred other superhero personifiers!

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