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A personality that stands for justice and bravery, ‘The Bride’ in Kill Bill Volume one and two has really captivated the minds of many and always becomes a hot topic during Halloween. While trying to choose a Kill Bill Costume, there are various characters you can depict. Some of the kill bill costume ideas to consider are The Bride, O-Ren Ishii, Elle Driver and Gogo Yubari.

A girl wearing a yellow PVC Kill Bill costume


The Bride Kill Bill costume

The first Kill Bill costume, that of The Bride is of utmost significance in the movie and in the world of games as well. It’s undeniable that the yellow rubber latex kill bill costume (seen to the right) with Katana sword set is the best way to display Bride’s character. While choosing the rubber costume, to avoid damage to the skin, make sure there are protective flaps on the inside of the zipper. Latex clothing must be dry-powdered on the inside and it’s recommended that you buy a latex shine oil or gel in order to preserve the glossy shine of your Kill Bill Costume. One of the best manufacturers of this costume is the Otley Run Fancy Dress company who provide a 100% latex rubber catsuit with 2-way front zipper with a matching belt included in the package. This kill bill costume is available in Small, Medium, and Large, XL and XXL size priced at £149.99. You can also buy a slick PVC version (picture at the top of this article) for a much cheaper price of £34.99.

Latex Kill Bill Costume


Other Kill Bill Costume ideas

To imitate the figure of O-Ren Ishii, you can use a white- kimono, two toe socks and if you wish to add the aura of stubborn intelligence, you can accessorise it with a Chinese white bonnet, coat, belt and bow. This Kill Bill Costume will cost about £80 and the Chinese bonnet will cost up to £30.

Elle Driver Kill Bill Costume

Elle Driver Kill Bill Costume

For Elle Driver, also famously known as California Mountain Snake, you can be sexy and smart by adorning a white trench coat that reaches just above the knee. You can probably pick one of these up cheaply during the winter months from local ladies discount shops like Primark. What makes this Kill Bill Costume unique is that it is drawn on to the coat. For this, you can use a black fabric paint and brushes (or use the self-applicator that might be included with the paint set) and outline a black line around the pockets, button and collar. Remember to draw a ‘belt’ on the front of the jacket and the trim on the sleeves should be neatly traced as well. A white pair of pants or trousers to match this jacket should be purchased along with a pair of white heels that will put the fear of god into anyone that gets in your way as you walk down the street in your cool kill bill costume themed outfit.  You should also add a white eye patch. The designs on this eye patch can vary according to your interpretation of the character. While some like to keep it blank, others prefer to make a red target sign over it. Buy a long blonde wig and hide a katana sword under your jacket, but make sure that it’s a sponge or plastic one on a night out as the last thing you want is to get arrested! This kill bill costume will cost you around £100 if you do it properly depending on the company you choose and the accessories you decide to add.


Gogo Yubari Kill Bill Costume

Gogo Yubari is O-Ren’s bodyguard and many say that she ruthlessly feeds on blood to avenge her horrific past and uses a single-headed meteor hammer as a weapon. Let’s start with the weapon to accopany your kill bill costume. To make the meteor hammer, you can wrap twine around a tennis ball once and tie it with a knot at the centre point. As you keep running the twine over the ball, remember that the purpose at this stage is to secure the grip of the ball when you attach it to a black plastic chain. Use masking tape to cover the entire surface of the twine-covered ball and leave the chain uncovered. To make the hammer’s spikes, you can use a sheet of paper and cut six circles with diameter of about three inches. Make each circle into a cone shape in order to paste it over the ball. Use masking tape for pasting the cones onto the ball. At this point, you will need to drill a hole at the end of the broom handle (at least 1/8-inch in diameter) through which you will pass a 6-inch piece of twine and attach it to the black plastic chain of the half-made weapon. After tying the twine to secure the ball and chain to the wooden broom handle, you can complete the weapon by spray-painting the ball with silver paint. It will help to apply a second coating to complete your kill bill costume weapon.

Now for the kill bill costume outfit. You can wear a white collared shirt (leave the top button open) along with a red bow tie around your neck. Make one knot on the tie and let either side fall loose. Wearing a short, blue pleated skirt will do justice to the shrewd girl. Use a navy blue blazer with two gold buttons (keep these buttons closed). White sneakers or trainers and a pair of knee-high white socks will take good care of the below-knee zone. To top this Kill Bill Costume, make sure to don long, dark-coloured straight hair. This dress will range from £45 to £150 in the market.

Shoot a pinch of faithful rage into your veins and design yourself a kill bill costume to sweep away The Bride’s pains! Go Kill Bill!

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