Halloween Fancy Dress 2011

At the time of writing this article it is now 31 days till the big Halloween 2011 holiday. That for some of us means only one thing, it’s about time that I picked what Halloween fancy dress costume I’ll wear when I go out to celebrate the scariest night of the year. A treasure trove of new ideas have emerged over the summer and with many of us changing our Halloween costume choice each year it offers a good range to select from.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Halloween fancy dress ideas are generally sourced from movies and other sectors of the entertainment industry. The big money summer blockbusters from the past like Transformers, Iron Man, The Dark Knight and fan favourite Kickass have all gone on to be hot sellers when it comes to the Halloween fancy dress charts. This is also true of television shows where characters are able to develop and are seen in a variety of outfits throughout a series.

People used to think that they had to go out wearing a scary costume but that simply isn’t true as Halloween is really a time to get dressed up in whatever costume you want. Smash hit TV show ‘Mad Men’ is a throw back to the 1960’s and can be a lot of fun to wear 60’s style fashion clothing.

Mens Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Guys, Halloween fancy dress options are really quite easy to come by. Infact, I would challenge anyone to tell me that costume ideas are few and far between after an epic summer of movie releases.

Superheroes were prominent, as they have been for a few years now. With the Green Lantern, Captain America and Thor all introducing themselves to mainstream audiences the on screen outfits all make for ideal Halloween fancy dress costumes. Cowboys and Aliens might encourage a few guys to pull on some blue jeans, chaps, a waistcoat and spurs to rock the wild west cowboy look.

What about a Harry Potter costume? Some guys might want something a little more macho but don’t forget the ensamble cast. The exceptional Alan Rickman as Professor Severus Snape and the evil dark lord Voldemort played by English standout actor Ralph Fiennes in the movie series would both be great choices not to mention Professor Dumbledore, Cirius Black or ogre sized Hagrid. Why not band a group together and choose a character each to dress up as?

Ladies Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

This year has once again been all about Lady Gaga. A new album and countless public appearances in some wierd and wonderful outfits has raised the bar in terms of creativity. If you want a unique Halloween fancy dress costume this year looking at this style icon could be a good place to start. This is also true, though not quite to the same extent, with Rihanna. The red haired chart topping beauty keeps churning out popular music videos that involve her wearing outfits that you might want to elect as your Halloween fancy dress choice.

Dressing up in witch costumes is going to be cool again this year as a Halloween fancy dress option thanks to the Harry Potter series. With a host of witch characters to choose from you shouldn’t be short on ideas.

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