Agent Coulson Costume

I must start out by saying that the Agent Coulson costume will not be the best Halloween fancy dress for anyone this year, next year or the year after. Having said that, can anyone genuinely think of a cooler outfit to pick in terms current niche characters?

Pay homage to our hero this Halloween by wearing an Agent Coulson costume

We LOVE Phil (we’d like to believe we’d be on first name terms with the S.H.I.E.L.D agent) in the movies so far and having just watched the latest short film release from Marvel titled “A funny thing happened on the way to Thor’s hammer” it’s only increased our admiration for the character. Wouldn’t you know it we just went out and plucked it from the guys over at Daily Motion (now a Youtube clip as the video was removed from Daily Motion) and posted it at the bottom of this article. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained for a few minutes, it really is fantastic.

Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson

The casting of Agent Coulson is in itself a great tale. Actor Clark Gregg lives down the street from Iron Man director Jon Favreau and was invited to try out for the role after what we believe was a phone call between the two. From that point on the role and the Agent Coulson costume has grown from movie to movie culminating in the epic Marvel Avengers movie due out in May 2012. Can it come quick enough? NO!

OK, back to the point of this article, the Agent Coulson costume, and no doubt the reason you are reading this. In the words of How I met your mothers Barney Stinson, “Suit up!” The costume is basically a smart dark blue suit with a tie. Simple! Guys love simple and it doesn’t come much easier than this. Add a name badge to your Agent Coulson costume with the Avengers logo on it and everyone at your party will get who you are in an instant.

Thor and Agent Coulson

Along with James Bond and the Men in Black the Agent Coulson cosplay should encourage anyone that hates dressing in fancy dress to participate where they otherwise wouldn’t. If your boyfriend or mate needs further encouragement tell him it’s the cosplay pick of the future. Who could resist?

Agent Coulson Costume Options

OK, so unless some new kickass Agent Coulson outfit comes out in the Avengers movie were expecting a smart suit like we’ve already seen in Iron Man 1 & 2 and Thor. The clean cut suit worn in the latest short film looks awesome and is hot pick if you have a cool suit stashed in your wardrobe. Do yourself a favour, get in early and wear an Agent Coulson costume for Halloween before anyone else picks up the idea and steals your plaudits.

So, how do you make your own Agent Coulson costume? A dark suit, smart black shoes, a nice tie and a name badge will do you proud. Beyond that, the choice is yours.

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