Leeds Thought Bubble 2011 Pictures

Kat as the Kill Bill Bride and Harley Quinn at Leeds Thought Bubble 2011

Today Kat and I went to the Royal Armouries in Leeds for Thought Bubble 2011 and we were not disappointed. As far as I’m aware the event is the largest comic book and sequential art convention in the north of England held once every year. Thought Bubble 2011 is the 5th year for the event and according to my sources it is the biggest and best one to date.

Thought Bubble 2011 Cosplay Costumes

Kat was originally going to dress up in one of our popular black PVC catsuits and go as catwoman but she changed her mind at the last minute and decided to throw on our incredibly popular Kill Bill costume. She added a blonde wig and a very cute pair of yellow heels to complete the outfit.

Travelling around the convention halls at Thought Bubble 2011took a lot longer than usual as loads of people stopped her for pictures. I’m not surprised in the slightest, she looked fantastic as I’m sure you will all agree! Kat loves to be flattered and have praise lavished upon her so please feel free to leave comments in the box below.

All in all Thought Bubble 2011 was a great success for us. We didn’t end up buying anything but seeing all of the fantastic cosplay costumes that people were wearing made the trip well worth our time. It was my first time but Kat has been a few times now. I think it’s fair to say that it will be a regular visit each year for us both from now on.

Check out the Thought Bubble 2011 blog here.

More Thought Bubble 2011 Pictures

A special mention must go to the guys who were outside dressed as Batman, Judge Dredd and the Stormtroopers. They were very approachable and took pictures with everyone that asked.

Another special mention should go to the lovely lady who dressed as Harley Quinn (pictured above) as we both agree that she was the best cosplay of the day.

Here are a few other pictures from Thought Bubble 2011.

Kat as The Bride from Kill Bill and Batman Cosplay

Batman and Kat as the Bride at Thought Bubble 2011

Batman and Catwoman Cosplay Costumes from Thought Bubble 2011

Batman and Catwoman Cosplay

Kill Bill bride and Judge Dredd cosplay costumes at Thought Bubble 2011

Thought Bubble 2011 Cosplay

Kat with artist Adam Hughes

Well, till next year thank you to everyone that made our Thought Bubble 2011 a great experience.

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