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Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress Rabbit Costume

In 1951 Disney released a movie that would go on to become a true classic and with it came a huge demand years later for Alice in Wonderland fancy dress costumes. With a collection of characters from the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the white rabbit and the Cheshire Cat to Alice herself, men, women and children have long since wanted to replicate their favourite onscreen character. Thanks to the costume industry this dream has come true and in 2010 Tim Burton revitalised the movie with an update release starring Johnny Depp. Wearing a very cool Mad Hatter costume the Oscar nominated actor helped the film to smash through the covetted $1 billion earnings barrier.

Our Number 1 Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress Costume

The Alice in Wonderland movie release in 2010 brought with it a complete wardrobe overhaul and an altered character in the Red Queen. Before the movies release the main options for women were the Alice costume and the Queen of Hearts fancy dress outfit. Some ladies even gave it a go making a white rabbit costume or a Cheshire cat dress.

Our best selling Alice in Wonderland fancy dress outfits are actually the queen of hearts costumes. We’ve got a few different types from short and skimpy to long and less revealing. Everyone has a different preference, but here’s a picture of the one that you all just can’t get enough of:

A blue Alice costume

This gorgeous costume keeps you all coming back and with good reason. The heart, spade, club and diamond apron really sets it apart from some of the other Alice in Wonderland fancy dress options and with it being available in medium, large and XL sizes there is one to fit all sizes. So as long as you all still want this Alice in Wonderland fancy dress costume we’ll keep our stock levels high to ensure you get one when you want it.

Our Favourite Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress Outfit

Picking our favourite Alice in Wonderland fancy dress costume is a very tough choice. Looking through the collection of Alice in Wonderland fancy dress clothing you will appreciate that the number of fantastic options to choose from leaves us with a difficult decision to make. In the end we choose the following outfit:

A red queen costume

With the 2010 3D release of the movie a new range of Red Queen costumes came out and this was one of them. With the card design around the skirt section and the way it sits just off of your shoulders we think this outfit will almost certainly turn head no matter where you wear it.

Seen an Alice in Wonderland fancy dress themed costume on the net that we don’t have? Please let us know in the comments box below along with a link to the page or picture and we’ll try our hardest to get it in stock as soon as we can. We encourage customer feedback where possible and love hearing what you have to say about our selection and what we can do to improve it.

You can buy Alice in Wonderland fancy dress costumes from the Otley Run Fancy Dress company.

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