French Maid Fancy Dress

When we all about think about dressing up costumes the usual suspects crop up including french maid fancy dress outfits. The traditional black and white uniform can be simple and conservative, short and sexy or even dirty and slutty. Our range of french maid fancy dress costumes come in a selection of sizes and in plenty of different designs to suit all tastes.

Traditional French Maid Fancy Dress Costume

A common feature of most french maid costumes is white lace, which is both used for detailing and dress trim. It’s also very common to see a dress matched with a white feather duster, which is a great accessory that completes the look perfectly. It’s not always a great idea to carry one on a night out as it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll lose it but for house party or private event it’s ideal.

Our Number 1 French Maid Fancy Dress Costume

We’ve been selling french maid fancy dress for years so we have a fairly good idea of what’s popular and what isn’t. The plain and simple look as shown in the picture below as well as the sexy outfit displayed at the top of the page are easily our best sellers. Both are cheap (£8.99 and £13.99) and look fantastic considering their price. Both are quite short, so wearing a pair of black hot pants, leggings or even a puffy petticoat to give the skirt some volume is highly recommended. Obviously in the colder months of December and January it’s best to wear something that will keep you warm so make sure you have something to cover your legs and ensure that you can make it to the end of the night without getting frostbite.

Black and White French Maid Costume

Throwing on a pair of high heels and a pair of fishnet stockings is also a great way to complete the look. Hen parties and holidays abroad are ideal opportunities to get the girls together and go out dressed up in french maid fancy dress, so get on your phone or Facebook and get a night to remember organised!

Our Favourite French Maid Fancy Dress Outfit

It’s so hard to choose from the range we have on offer, but the outfit below is one of our favourites. The two piece style costume isn’t for everyone as it exposes your midrift but if you can pull it off and feel comfortable wearing it you certainly won’t regret it. Throw in a white duster and you have a really cool french maid fancy dress costume that’s bound to have guys eyeing you up. You might even want to consider treating your man to a night in the bedroom with some fantasy play.

2 piece maid costume with white duster

If you’ve seen a french maid fancy dress costume that we don’t have available on our website and you think that it should be added to our collection why not leave us a message in the comments section below and we’ll look into it. We always listen to our customers and all suggestions are taken into consideration.

Buy french maid fancy dress costumes from the Otley Run Fancy Dress company.

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