Fancy Dress Queen Update: March 2012

Fancy Dress Queen Update: March 2012

Saint Patricks Day Fancy Dress Costume

Here at Fancy Dress Queen we do our best to keep you all informed with our latest developments and any news that we might have. It could be customer service issues that we need to address, new costumes that we’ve recently added or important dates for your diary.

Fancy Dress News

In terms of fancy dress news we have a small amount to update you all on. We’ve started a pinterest account (which we will discuss later in this update), booked a photoshoot for our new fancy dress offerings (also coming up later) and began increasing the quantities of the more popular fancy dress outfits that you all keep coming back for. This should mean that we have less fancy dress costumes out of stock when you need them the most.

It’s also worthy to note that Saint Patricks day is coming up on March 17th. Don’t forget to pick up your green fancy dress costumes to wear on the Saturday.

New Fancy Dress Costumes

We have a photoshoot organised this week to take pictures of our new costumes. Once we have the pictures taken and edited the new fancy dress costumes will be added to the website to buy. The new range includes a few sailor costumes, a saucy new gangster fancy dress outfit, a blue catsuit and plenty of other fancy dress costumes for you to consider wearing at your next event or party.

Our Fancy Dress pinterest account

We’ve finally caught up with the rest of the world and signed up for the latest craze in social media. So far we’re actually really enjoying the opportunities that pinterest offers us. We’ve created a number of specific boards looking at a range of themes from sailor fancy dress costumes to latex outfits. We’ve started by adding the majority of our product range and will add the rest of the next week or two.

The plan is to create specific boards and add a large range of picture ideas so that you have great resources to consult when you line up your next fancy dress party.

Check our the Fancy Dress Queen pinterest account here.

About the Author: David Hayler

The owner of Otley Run Fancy Dress and a fancy dress guru. He's also an amateur photographer who has experience with cosplay and costume photography.

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