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The heroes and villains genre has exploded over recent years, which is why we see more and more superhero fancy dress costumes on offer in stores and on websites. They range from the blatantly obvious choices of Batman, Superman and Spiderman to less obvious niche picks like Aquaman, the Human Torch and Miss Marvel.

A Supergirl superhero fancy dress costume

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female as there are plenty of awesome superhero fancy dress options for you to consider. This blog post will hopefully provide a few superhero fancy dress ideas for both genders.

Superhero Fancy Dress Options

As the movie industry digs its claws further into the heroes and villains genre and with demand growing from cinema goers more and more superheroes will hit the mainstream. Characters featured in blockbusters such as Captain America, Thor and the Avengers are likely to increase in popularity and earn themselves independent film releases.



Superhero Costumes for the Future

The future of superhero fancy dress is pretty much dictated by the movie industry. Marvel have the Avengers and the Amazing Spiderman due before the end of the summer and Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and The Wolverine due in 2013. DC, along with the rest of the world, are anticipating the Dark Knight Rises and the superhero fancy dress outfits from Bane, Catwoman and Batman that will come from it.

Our Top 10 Superhero Fancy Dress Picks for Men and Women

Here’s a list of our favourite superhero fancy dress costumes:

1. Batman Costume – Lets face it the caped crusader is the top dog nowadays what with a string of crazy popular movies and a huge following from comic book fans. It’s a great choice for couples, groups and with a huge range of different designs to pick from the man in black is the greatest superhero fancy dress outfit that you can choose.

Need some batman costume inspiration? Check out this video of pretty much every batman superhero fancy dress costume there ever has been:

2. Catwoman Costume/Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn – Triple blow here with the best that the Batman franchise has to offer for you ladies. You can pick any one of the three and still be sure to look fantastic for your superhero fancy dress event. Many of these costumes have been done countless time but if you do it well you can really stand out from a crowd.

For the best catwoman costume you will need to buy yourself a black PVC catsuit or a black latex catsuit, either work really well but the final decision will likely depend on your budget. Adding a mask that you could make yourself or buy online and a bull whip that you could get out from under your bed (just kidding) will complete the superhero fancy dress outfit and look.

We found a terrific video showing you how to do Poison Ivy make up that’s well worth watching from youtube. Watch the Poison Ivy makeup tutorial here.

3. Spiderman costume – Who doesn’t want to swing from a web fired from your arm across New York City? Well you can’t, sorry to be the bearer of bad news! What you can do is grab yourself a Spiderman superhero fancy dress outfit and swing your way into a party to make an impression on your own Mary Jane or Joe for that matter.

There are plenty of different Spiderman costumes with differing colour schemes, so don’t think that the bog standard jumpsuit is what you have to settle on. Take a look around, do some research and pick a costume that suits your taste. Who knows, a luminous green version might be the thing that makes you stand out.

4. Iron Man Costume – The wonderful performances from Robert Downey Jr in the Iron Man movies have captured the imaginations of a whole new generation. The Iron Man costume has been a massive hit with men and boys at Halloween

5. Wonder Woman Costume – Arguably one of the most recognised ladies superhero fancy dress costumes that you can get.



6. Captain America Costume – Did the 2011 release of Captain America make you want to get all patriotic and kick some ass? We thought so! Chris Evans did a superb job as American hero Steve Rogers and with him taking his place as one of the Avengers the shield bearing stud is sure to appear more and more over the next few years at superhero fancy dress events.

7. X-Men Costume – Where do we start with this bunch? The superhero fancy dress options here include Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier, Magneto, Storm, Jean Grey, Beast, Cyclops and Mystique. All have a unique look and as a group it really is a sight to see.

8. The Incredible Hulk Costume – Be it the Edward Norton, Eric Bana or even the Mark Ruffalo version of the Hulk that catches your eye the green breast is definitely a notable addition to any superhero group. If you’re a big guy and have a body to die for we strongly recommend going for the body paint option (demonstrated in the picture below), but make sure it’s not going to rain otherwise your going to look silly when the heavens open!

A Hulk bodypaint costume

Incredible Hulk Hands

9. Thor Costume – Chris Hemsworths performance as the mighty Thor in the 2011 movie won over a lot of new fans and with it came a fantastic new superhero fancy dress costume. We’ve seen some pretty awesome homemade attempts with huge faux fur over coats and huge styrofoam head hammers.

10. Fantastic Four Costumes – The fantastic four characters of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and The Thing are an obvious choice for a group of four people, though we feel slightly sorry for whoever pulls the short straw and gets elected to dress as The Thing. Who knows, it could be a blessing as you’re sure to get plenty of attention if you do it well.


Other Top Superhero Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

1. Green Lantern Costume – It might have flopped and drawn heavily critical reviews from the media but this superhero fancy dress outfit is a brilliant pick for guys and girls. A one piece bodysuit with the Green Lantern symbol on the chest looks very cool, so why not give

2. The Flash Costume – Some of our younger readers might not be familiar with the Flash other than the Queen song, but the costume has been seen recently on Sheldon Cooper and the guys in the hit TV show the Big Bang Theory.

Four Big Bang Theory Flash Costumes

3. Joker Costume – Pretty much all of us have seen the Dark Knight Batman movie and saw the Oscar winning performance by Heath Ledger as the Joker. The costume possibly became the most popular men’s Halloween fancy dress costume for that year and every year since then.


Did we miss some superhero fancy dress ideas? Let us know!

If you think we’ve missed a superhero fancy dress idea that should have been included on this list please let us know in the comments section below. If we find that we’ve omitted a large number of costume ideas then we’ll get a new article written with the other superhero fancy dress costumes listed.

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