Contribution: Princess Zelda Cosplay Costume

Firsly, thank you so much for this Princess Zelda cosplay costume contribution from Earthychan, who has been kind enough to provide us with this guide and images. We hope this will provide you with a few ideas and inspiration for making your own Princess Zelda cosplay costume.

Finished Zelda Costume

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How I Made my Princess Zelda Cosplay Costume

Here’s a run through of how I made my Princess Zelda cosplay costume by hand. The costume is based on the Princess Zelda cosplay costume seen in the Twilight Princess Nintendo Wii game.


Step 1

Making the Zelda Costume Pattern

This is how I made the purple bodice for Zelda. I put the white dress on the dress form, put the pattern over the dress, and used a marker to make out where I wanted to cut on the pattern to make the bodice.


Step 2

Writing on the Zelda Costume Bodice

This is some of the writing on the bodice. I did this freehand.


Step 3

Zelda Costume Tabard Stencil

Zelda Costume Tabard Stencil

For the tabard I made something like what a tattoo artist use to trace the tattoo’s before they put them on their client. It was really simple to make and it was a lot easier to do with it rather than freehand.


Step 4

Zelda Costume Finished Tabard

This is what the tabard looked like when I finished tracing the design and painted it. I used acrylic paint to apply the colour, which you can pick up from a cheap hardware store.


Step 5

Zelda Costume Armour Detailing

This can be hard to find. This is the detail on Zelda’s shoulder armour. Its made of craft foam, which is cheap and easy to use.


Step 6

Zelda Costume Harp Stencil

Zelda Costume with Stencil Applied

This is the harp that goes at the bottom of the dress. It depends on the dress pattern on how many there will be.


Step 7

Zelda Costume Crown Design

Zelda Costume Chest Piece Design

Completed Zelda Costume Chest Piece, Crown Piece and Belt

All of the armour, the crown, and the belt are all made of craft foam, which is coated with risin on the back to make them stronger.


Princess Zelda Cosplay Costume: Final Result

Outdoor Shot of the Zelda Cosplay

Outdoor Zelda Costume Photograph

Next to the River in Zelda Costume

Rear Shot of the Zelda Costume

You can see more costumes and information on the Earthychan Cosplay Facebook page.

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