Contribution: Zelda Na’vi Cosplay Costume

Elven Butterfly: Zelda Na’vi Cosplay Costume

 Na'vi Cosplay Costume Close Up


A huge thank you must go to Elven Butterfly for her Na’vi cosplay costume contribution. If any of our readers have any comments or feedback, please leave them in the comments box at the end of the article.


How I Made my Na’vi Cosplay Costume

Hello there! I’m something of a newbie to the costume-making scene, so I hope this page helps people looking to make their first costume too. 😀 The entire Na’vi cosplay costume dress is hand stitched.

Firstly, I’m going to give you some general pointers before you start.

  1. I used a dressmakers pattern, with the slight medication of goring the skirt. Gores are basically big triangles you add to a skirt or dress to make it a bit fuller. There’s hundreds of patterns out there for you to try, most brands have a ‘sew simple’ range that have only a couple of pattern pieces if you’re a bit intimated by their regular patterns.
  2. My Na’vi cosplay costume dress is made of two fabrics – crushed velvet for the main body, and chiffon for the sleeves. ALWAYS buy a metre more than you need, just in case you mess up. We all make mistakes, so its handy to be prepared.


Right, now onto how I made my own Na’vi cosplay costume dress.


Step 1

Na'vi Cosplay Costume Cut Out

Na'vi Cosplay Costume Cut Out 2

Here I’ve cut out all the pattern pieces that make up the main Na’vi cosplay costume dress. I used a different pattern I have for those long drapy sleeves. So we’ve got the front and back. Remember, when you work on your own costume you sew EVERYTHING inside out so that when you’re finished you’ll see only nice smooth seam lines and no visible stitches. Its pretty obvious where you stitch really, and following the instructions is helpful to.


Step 2

Na'vi Cosplay Costume A Work in Progress

I had to try on my Na’vi cosplay costume a LOT when I was working on my dress. I constantly needed to make sure that it fit and that it wasn’t showing anything it shouldn’t. I found out that I had to make the front smaller since the top half was far too loose. The waistline looks a bit odd in this picture, but its only pinned in place. Sleeves can be troublesome blighters to put in. They came from a different pattern – Simplicity’s 9891 if your curious.


Step 3

Link and Na'vi Cosplay Costumes

My Na’vi cosplay costume has now been stitched together! Now to find a Link to annoy…..


The Final Na’vi Cosplay Costume

The Finished Na'vi Cosplay Costume


You can see more costumes and information on Cosplay Island or Deviant Art.

If you would like to contribute your own costume guide, show off your latest creation or offer information relating to cosplay, please check out our guest writers needed post.

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