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Princess Nightmare: Twisted Wonderland

Twisted Wonderland Photo of Princess Nightmare


It’s quite common that we stumble on some amazing cosplay costume pictures and convention photographs taken by fans. On our latest trawl through the interwebs we found the incredible profile owned by Princess Nightmare. If you’re a fan of dressing up, cosplay or just appreciate something a little bit different then you’ll love this lady.

We contacted Princess Nightmare and she very kindly gave us permission to publish and discuss her photoshoot pictures from her “Twisted Wonderland” photoshoot, which we think’s produced some pretty spectacular results. The main focus of this post will be her Alice in Wonderland themed Twisted Wonderland photoshoot, but you’ll find plenty more on her profile via the link that can be found at the bottom of the page.


The Alice Twisted Wonderland Shots

As soon as my eyes caught sight of these shots I instantly fell in love with them. The quality of the shots, the props and the fantastic model all contribute towards a set of shots that all Alice in Wonderland fans should check out.

The Alice in Wonderland fancy dress outfit in the Twisted Wonderland shoot looks to be based entirely on the original. The addition of the blood spatter marks, the striped stockings and the knee high patent boots give it a really alternate vibe, which we love. The knife even looks really decorative with a cool design on the blade.


A shot from the Twisted Wonderland photoshoot


The Alice costume was purchased for her and the props were provided by the photographer. The knife was provided by the model and a great choice it was.


A rear facing shot from the Twisted Wonderland photoshoot


Different Twisted Wonderland Shots

A Red Alice costume from the Twisted Wonderland photoshoot

This alternate Alice costume looks fantastic against the back drop and the props enhance it to a level very few other cosplay shots achieve. Beautiful!

Twisted Wonderland Queen of Hearts

Twisted Wonderland Queen of Hearts Costume

No Alice in Wonderland shoot would be complete without the evil Queen on display. This Queen of Hearts fancy dress outfit is much different to what we offer, but variety is always a good thing. It’s actually given us a few ideas regarding our next Halloween range, so don’t be surprised if you see a few corset/skirt combos available in October.


More From Princess Nightmare

Want to see more from the model in the shots? Check out the Princess Nightmare homepage. This busy lady is also launching a steampunk and cosplay retail website named Princess Nightmare, which will offer items that she’s designed herself! She’s also going to model all of the outfits for the site, so if you’re a fan of her work you’re in for a treat very soon!

We’ll bring you the latest information once the new site launches, so check back soon for more.

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