Contribution: Zelda Twilight Princess Link Cosplay Costume

Thank you first and foremost to Linksliltri4ce for this fantastic Link cosplay costume contribution. Clearly a huge amount of work and effort went into creating this outfit and she’s been kind enough to provide us with a step by step guide for making your own.


Finished Twilight Princess Link Cosplay Costume


If you’d prefer to just buy a Link cosplay costume you can get one from our retail site in sizes XS to XXL.


How I Made my Link Cosplay Costume

Here’s a complete guide for making your very own Link cosplay costume based on the one seen in the Nintendo Wii game Zelda Twilight Princess.

Stage 1: Making the Link Cosplay Costume Vambraces

Making the Vambraces Part 1

I used children’s shin guards, leather, craft foam, fabric paint and LOT AND LOTS of hot glue!


Step 1

Making the Vambraces Part 2

Cover children’s shin guards with craft foam.


Step 2

Making the Vambraces Part 3

Cover in leather/brown fabric.


Step 3

Making the Vambraces Part 4

Add design then design by hand.


Step 4

Making the Vambraces Part 5

I added homemade belts and fleece lining to the inside of the vambraces


Step 5

Making the Vambraces Part 6

Add more of the same leather/brown fabric on top of the design.


Stage 2: Making the Link Cosplay Costume Arm Padding

Step 1

Making the Arm Padding Part 1

Pin fabric in desirable shape. I just used green felt!


Step 2

Making the Arm Padding Part 2

Sew your fabric, then punch grommets and lace with cord.

Making the Arm Padding Part 3

Yay!  The arms are done!  I just used leather gloves and cut the fingers out for my cosplay.


Stage 3: Making the Link Cosplay Costume Tunic

Step 1

Link Cosplay Costume Tunic Part 1

I took a basic tunic pattern and made modifications to it to make Link’s tunic, but you can trace a large t-shirt to get the shape you need.


Step 2

Link Cosplay Costume Tunic Part 2

I traced the design onto the corners of the tunic to embroider them.

Link Cosplay Costume Tunic Part 3

1st corner embroidered

Link Cosplay Costume Tunic Part 4

Here’s all four corners finished.


Step 3: Braiding and Collar

Link Cosplay Costume Tunic Part 5

After sewing on the collar, I sewed pipes of the same green fabric to make the braiding. I then sewed each piece of the braids on individually. Don’t forget the cross laces up the sides of the tunic!

Link Cosplay Costume Tunic Part 6

Stage 4: Make a Hat

Link Cosplay Costume Hat

The hat was really easy. It’s just a simple triangle shape with the same braiding from the tunic. This shot shows my ears and my unfinished beast of a wig!


Stage 5: Make Some Belts

Link Cosplay Costume Belts

The belts were really easy to make as well. I just sewed really long strips of faux-suede together, added some belt buckles and some grommets, and tah-dah! This picture also show the different swords I used with the belts.


Stage 6: Make a Pouch

Link Cosplay Costume Pouch

I honestly had a huge dilemma trying to figure out which style of item pouch I would make for my costume. Both Twilight Princess and Super Smash Brawl had different designs, so I decided to blend the two and this is how they came out! The pouches are just simple bags with loops in the back to add them to the belt.


Stage 7: The Sword: Gotta snazz up that sheath!

Link Cosplay Costume Sword

OK, so I bought the Ordon sword online, but it was pretty half-done… not to mention it was WAAAY bigger than my Master Sword and almost as big as lil’ ol’ five foot me. You can see my little bitty foot prints next to it on the right!

Things I added to it:

  • Made the belt
  • Painted the black sheath brown and add gold designs
  • Made silver parts from Sculpey and acrylic paint
  • Wrapped a strip of suede leather to the handle
  • Threw in a white wrap cloth at the top to try to match the concept art


Stage 8: A Slingshot

Link Cosplay Costume Slingshot

I made his sling shot too!  It’s made from a sanded down tree branch coated a couple of hundred times with wood stain. I then painted it with red acrylic paint, wrapped it in gold ribbons, attached an actual sling shot band, capped with those rubber chair footie things, and topped off with a plastic gem!


Stage 9: Add a Fairy!

Link Cosplay Costume Fairy

“Hey!  Don’t forget me!”  I had to make a fairy too!  She’s made of a small plastic ball with an LED module. To finish it I added some plastic wings painted with silver acrylic and topped with glitter/


The Finished Link Cosplay Costume

Just add in your chainmaille shirt (I have a metal chainmaille one and a quick fabric one that I made. Make the fabric one just like your tunic, only a little longer), put on some pants and boots and voila!  You’re now Link! Don’t forget other fun accessories!


Girl holding sword in link costume


If you like the look of the Link cosplay costume you see here, why not get one for yourself? Linksliltri4ce takes commisions, so you can have one made for you. Check out the Linksliltri4ce website or Linksliltri4ce Deviant Art Account.

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