Contribution: Madness Returns Alice Costume

A huge thank you to thecrystalshoe for allowing us to show you all her wonderful Madness Returns Alice costume cosplay pictures. The high quality of the after effects, the picture perfect model and the superb Alice costume all drew us towards the picture gallery and we were not disappointed. If you want to see more from her, and we know you do, you can find a link to her profile at the bottom of the page. We’re going to be featuring more of her work very soon including her incredible Sucker Punch cosplay costume, so come back soon to see more.

A girl in a Madness Returns Alice costume

Insane Alice Costume Shots

The Alice in Wonderland story offers a lot of opportunities to get creative and offer something slightly different. That’s exactly what happened with American McGee’s Alice, which then lead to the sequal Alice: Madness Returns being released in 2011. The concept is pretty simple. Our favourite Disney princess blames herself for a fire that kills her family and she loses the plot. Luckily for us, but not for poor Alice, it means we have ourselves a crazed beauty rampaging through Wonderland. We like!


A girl in costume with butterflies

Immediately you can see that we’re not dealing with a complete amateur here. The vivid colouring and the after effects addition of the butterflies really enhance the final shot. We love the downward facing pose and this is a perfect example of why.


A girl in an Alice costume holding a knife

Again we see a brilliant shot of the Alice costume with the addition of the knife. True to the Madness Returns look it’s got a bit of blood on it, which again really enhances the shot. The background changes the mood making it much more intense as opposed to a plain and simple white back drop.


Distant Alice Costume

Distant shots should never be underestimated. Generally photographers we talk to prefer them as you don’t need to worry so much with detailing. It’s quite an atmospheric shot, much like you’d find in a game like Silent Hill.


Alice Costume Bloody Apron

The all important blood spatter on the apron makes this Alice costume what it is. Obviously this outfit is perfect for Halloween, well worth considering closer to October. If you want to buy an Alice Costume to use as a starting point you can get one from our online store. Get yourself some fabric paint and you should be able to transform your Alice costume into the Madness Returns version quite easily.


Blade Shots

Madness Returns Bloody Blade


Yes folks, she did the blade design herself by hand! She did a truely excellent job on it and the shots look more screen accurate because of it.


A knife with detailing


Madness Returns Alice Makeup

Alice Costume Makeup

According to thecrystalshoe she used a blend of black, white, brown and pink shadows for her eyes. White shadow was used to slightly illuminate her cheeks and nose with the addition of a little pink blusher. A shiny, light pink lipstick finished the makeup. Add this to the Alice costume and you have yourself a very good cosplay outfit.

More from Thecrystalshoe

If you like the look of the Alice costume you see here check out more work from the model at thecrystalshoe homepage. If you like what you see here show her some love and ‘Like’ the article before you leave.

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