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Another day, another golden find. We’re really digging Disney princesses at the moment (can you blame us?) and our latest discovery is this set of Snow White costume shots. A huge thank you to Nikita Cosplay for permission to feature her work, we think you’ll all love it as much as we do. If you want to see more from her you can see more of her cosplay via the link at the bottom of the page.

A girl in a Snow White costume holding a red apple


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Cosplay Snow White Costume Pictures

You can never underestimate the difference a really good model makes when it comes to getting high quality photographs. We’ve worked with a varied range of ladies with zero experience to professional level. After looking through the Nikita cosplay portfolio it became quite clear that we’re not looking at a novice here. She’s done a lot of other characters, who we’ll look to feature over the next month or two. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at this beautiful selection of Snow White costume pictures.


Front view of Snow White Cosplay Holding an Apple

This is the picture that drew us in like a moth to a flame. It’s what most cosplayers strive to achieve and very rarely achieve. Don’t panic, it will come with time and experience. The custom Snow white costume, the picture perfect model, a shiny red apple and killer lighting make this shot an instant favourite.


Snow White Costume Against Dark Backdrop

Cheeky, clean and beautiful. Again the lighting does this shot wonders emphasising the all important outfit . The Snow White costume colours are really vivid and the red apple draws your attention.


Snow White Portrait Shot with White Background

Angelic is the word I’d use to describe this picture. It’s stunning in its simplicity and the results are clear for us all to see. Again I’m drawn to the rosey red apple in her hands and the off shoulder way that the Snow White costume is worn exposes more skin. The white background and bright lights leaking into the costume gives it a beautiful, heavenly glow that makes it all the more appealing. Utterly brilliant.


Snow White at a Cosplay Convention

If you’re not the most gifted seemstress you can buy a snow white costume from our store. The one in the pictures was custom made, but you can get a more basic one that you can customise yourself for little money.


Snow White Biting into an Apple


Snow White Costume in Limbo

Alternate Snow White Cosplay

Fancy something a little bit different? Us too! That’s why we thought you should see some alternate work that she’s done. The idea behind the shot is a depiction of what’s going through the princess’s head as she awaits her kiss from a handsome Princess that’ll bring her back to life. What do you all think? Let us know in the comments below.


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The more ‘likes’ we get for each article the more likely it is that we’ll revisit the cosplayer and feature more of their work. If you’re really impatient and you want to go and check out more from the model you can visit the Nikita Cosplay Facebook page here.

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