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This is the first in a series of articles that I’m going to write featuring cosplayers who we think you should be aware of due to the quality of their work. Many of us cosplay fans love to dress up and show off our creations at conventions, but our featured artists are on a whole other level. Many of them cosplay for a living or model on a professional level, which gives them access to costumes that many of us can only dream of.


A Collage of Yaya Cosplay Costumes


I thought that the first article should focus on a lady who was bought to my attention around a year ago. My lovely partner Kathryn is a huge fan of her work and constantly bugs me when her latest cosplay pictures are uploaded. If you’re a regular visitor to Deviant Art it’s also pretty much guaranteed that you’ll have visited her profile at least once, which has helped to make her one of the most famous cosplayers on the planet. If you’ve never had the privilege of seeing her work you’re in for a treat.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Yaya Han.


Introducing Yaya and Her Cosplay

Yaya Cosplay Granado Eespada Wizard Costume

I must start by saying that I don’t know Yaya and have never met her, but I feel having seen her pictures pretty much every day for the last year that I know her more than I know some of my closest friends.

So what do I really know about Yaya? Well, she’s of Chinese decent, she started cosplaying in 1999, designs and creates her own cosplay costumes, became the first cosplayer to be invited to a convention as a guest of honor in 2001 and is more productive than a worker ant on steroids. Seriously, we’ve never seen anyone that keeps a schedule like it. To say she’s in demand would be a huge under statement.

Yaya is a true success story if we ever did see one. Working her way up from being a fan of dressing up for conventions and learning how to sew by a friend to being the guest of honor and cosplay panel judge at some of the largest cosplay conventions around the world is an achievement matched by few. If you’re every looking for a story to be inspired by this is it.

For a much more in depth introduction to Yaya, her work, her origins and everything else you want to know about her, visit her homepage via the link at the bottom of this article. Click on the ‘About Yaya’ link at the top of the page on her website to discover much more about this brilliant cosplayer. It covers a full range of topics that you might find interesting.


Our Favourite Yaya Cosplay Costumes

OK, so the real reason for writing this article is to look at the wonderful selection of cosplay costumes that Yaya has designed, made and worn. You’ll find many of these pictures along with many more on her website, which we strongly recommend that you check out via the link at the bottom of the page.

Here are our favourite cosplay costumes as modelled by the beautiful Yaya Han:


Ada Wong Cosplay – Resident Evil 4

Front and Side Shots of Ada Wong Cosplay Costume

Some have labelled Resident Evil 4 the best in the series, which is why many of us will instantly recognise Ada Wong. Get a friend or your partner to dress up as Leon Kennedy and you have yourself a fierce cosplay combo.


Black Cat Cosplay

Yaya Han Black Cat Cosplay Costume

Many will assume this is a catwoman costume with a twist, but you’d be wrong! Introducing Yaya as Black Cat, a character who first appeared in the Spiderman comics back in 1979. A couple dressing as Spiderman and Black Cat would make for a brilliant alternative to the Batman and Catwoman duo that’s been done so many times before. Take note people!


Catwoman Cosplay

Two Shots of the Yaya Han Catwoman Cosplay Costume

No cosplay collection would be complete without our favourite feline fatale. Thanks to the characters popularity doing your own Catwoman cosplay isn’t the most difficult costume to put together. Saying that, making it look quite so good as Yaya does is another story.

Check out the video below to see Yaya being interviewed about her catwoman costume, her work and the ‘Cosplay for Cause’ calender.



Darkstalkers Felicia Costume

Yaya Han Darkstalkers Felicia Cosplay Costume

A few of our readers might not be familiar with Felicia in Darkstalkers but many more will recognise her from the Marvel vs Capcom 2 & 3 games. We’ll give major credit to anyone that attempts this one, it’s definately not one for the self conscience.


Granado Espada Wizard Costume

Yaya Han Granado Espada Wizard Cosplay Costume

With over 100 hours spent creating this costume this outfit deserves all the praise that it’s received. Based on a character from Korean fantasy MMORPG game Granado Espada the effort and detailing that’s gone into making this dress is incredibly hard to match. We say don’t bother, just admire it and tip your hat to a genius at work instead.


Psylocke Cosplay

Yaya Han Psylocke Cosplay Costume

Plain and simple but mighty effective. This cosplay costume is based on X-Men character Psylocke and is made from heavy duty 2 way purple lycra strips. Add a long haired purple wig and you’d have yourself a stunning costume. See, it doesn’t have to be incredibly complicated all the time!


Scarlet Witch Costume

Yaya Han Scarlett Witch Cosplay Costume

As the daughter of Magneto you’d expect this beauty to be a villain, but you’d be wrong. She initially featured as a villain but quickly joined the superhero team the Avengers. This cosplay costume graced the front cover of Champion magazine in February 2012 with the pictures taken by legendary radio broadcaster Howard Stern. Lucky man, we’re as red as the costume with envy.


Wonder Woman Cosplay

Yaya Han Wonderwoman Cosplay Costume

Based on the Ami-Comi figure of Wonder Woman this costume is something special. You might be thinking “What’s so special about that? I could buy that in most costume shops!” but when you find out that Yaya made everything from scratch you probably shouldn’t be quite so quick to judge. It was her first DC comics costume and certainly wasn’t the last.


Yaya Han Cosplay Costumes Video

Here’s a great video showcasing many of Yaya’s cosplay costumes that haven’t been mentioned so far.


I’ll openly admit that I started getting carried away adding far too many pictures and I lost count of the number of brilliant cosplay costumes that Yaya’s created. Instead of simply displaying all of her outfits I’m going to write another piece soon looking at some more costumes that weren’t featured here. Bookmark the site and I’ll add more very soon. Alternatively check out her website.

Have you been inspired by Yaya? We stock a fantastic range of costumes that will help you get started in costume play. You can buy cosplay costumes here.


Want to Know More About Yaya Cosplay?

If you want to know more about Yaya and her cosplay costumes you’ll find plenty of other pictures on her Facebook fan page or cosplay homepage. If you like this article and want to see more about Yaya and her cosplay please ‘like’ the page and we’ll keep you all updated on her latest creations with more feature pieces.

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