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My last few cosplay articles have looked at established cosplayers who’s work many of you will be more familiar with, which is why it’s time for a change and I’ve decided to introduce you all to this little known gem known as Ebony House. I’m going to do my best to showcase both established and lesser known cosplayers so that you can all discover the next big talent before they make it big. Let’s face it, we all need a stage to shine on.

Ebony House in a cosplay costume


I discovered the cosplay pictures posted by Ebony House when I stumbed on a lovely Takami Minatsuki shot of hers from Deadman Wonderland, which you can see below:


A girl in Takami Minatsuki costume

This shot, and I wish I knew why, really drew me in. I’m glad it did. She’s a young lady with a feel good story who loves cosplay and this becomes very clear when you learn more about her. She very nearly missed out on cosplay and the delight that comes with it, but that changed when she moved to the city and met people who set her free.

Before we delve more into the inner workings of Ebony House now’s a good time to show you some more of her work.


Ebony House Cosplay Costumes


Alice Margatroid

A girl in Alice Margatroid cosplay

A girl in costume on a bridge


Panty Anarchy

Two girls in Panty Anarchy costumes

A black and white Panty Anarchy picture


Suwako Moriya

A girl dressed as Suwako Moriya

A girl in costume with a hat


Yukari Yakumo

A girl dressed as Yukari Yakumo

A girl lying down in Yukari Yakumo cosplay


Learn More About Ebony House and Her Cosplay Outfits

A huge thank you to Emma for answering a set of questions in terrific detail. If you every wanted to learn more about her then this is the place to do it. Enjoy!


1. What made you get into cosplay?

I always loved dressing up as a kid. Before high school I lived in a small town and got picked on for my interests, which made me actually cower away from the idea of cosplay. However, I ended up moving to a big city for high school and I met a couple of cosplayers who encouraged me to pursue the hobby.

2. How old were you when you started cosplaying?

I was fourteen, but I don’t believe I began seriously cosplaying until I was fifteen or sixteen.

3. What was your first costume?

Technical my first cosplay was Misa Amane from Death Note, but the first cosplay I was ever proud of was Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji.

4. Do you make your own costumes?

I started making my own costumes a few months before I turned sixteen, along with costumes for my friends who join me in group/pair cosplays! I’m starting to make my own props and such too, and I’m hoping to learn how to alter different types of shoes.

5. Where do you source your materials or the pieces for your costumes?

I actually search thrift stores and a fabric store called Dressew in the downtown area of my city. It’s a great fabric shop. It’s very cheap, has two floors, a huge selection and is very organized.

6. How long does the average costume take to make or put together?

Depends on how much of a deadline I put on myself and what sort of costume I have. My Police Panty cosplay maybe took four days with me taking my time, whereas my Yukari cosplay took two weeks.

7. Do you design and make original costumes or do you create replicas of costumes worn by the characters?

I try to stay true to the characters, but at times I’d like to kind of throw my own style into it. My best example of my doing this is my Yukari cosplay. In the original design she has a rather plain purple puffed sleeved dress and is often depicted with a black corset. I chose to make the skirt shorter in the front and longer in the back and then made the dress strapless with detachable puffed sleeves. I was still recognizable as the character and felt good for making a successful fan version of the costume.

8. What would be your super power if you could only have one?

Shape-shifting, hands down! That way I’d be able to take on whatever traits the person or animal I’m becoming has!

9. Do you attend cosplay conventions or events? If yes, how many do you attend in the average year?

I do go to conventions and events, around four a year.

10. Who’s your favourite cosplayer? (It could be a friend or a famous personality in the cosplay scene)

My favourite cosplayer who I know personally is Paingu, though she doesn’t have any of her cosplays posted on her deviantart unfortunately. It’s a pity, she puts a ton of effort into her cosplays and the clothing she makes and they’re absolutely beautiful. I’m very happy to call her one of my closest friends.

11. Who’s your favourite characters to cosplay?

My favourite characters to cosplay are Panty Anarchy from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Yukari Yakumo and Alice Margatroid, both from Touhou Project, and Minatsuki Takami from Deadman Wonderland! I love being Panty, because I have a very outgoing personality and I find it works quite well for her. I always feel very relaxed when I cosplay her. As for Yukari, she has a very elegant feel that makes me feel extremely pretty and graceful, whereas Alice helps me explore my introverted side. And finally, I love being Minatsuki, because, well.. who doesn’t love cosplaying a psychopath now and again? :D

12. Favourite T.V. show, movie, and band?

Hm~ Favourite T.V. shows.. I’d have to go with Star Trek: The Original Series, New Girl, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pushing Daisies, and Lost In Space. As for movies, I adore Dr. Strangelove, Big Fish, Corpse Bride, and Annie Hall. I’m a huge Woody Allen fan…

And bands.. oh god, that’s a really difficult one for me… I love The Beatles and Queen, if I’m to discuss classic bands, but as for more current bands I love The Hush Sound, The Submarines, Lily Allen, Two Door Cinema Club, and The Strokes. I also adore Elvis Costello with an undying passion, thanks to my father!

13. Do you cosplay for a living? If not, would you do it if the opportunity was offered to you?

I do not cosplay for a living and I don’t think I ever would! It’s a hobby and I believe making it into a career would make it into too much of a chore. Career wise, I actually strive to be a fantasy novelist.

14. What’s going to be your next cosplay costume?

This July for MiniComi 2012, I plan on being Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Project! I can’t wait, I even want to make her bat wings from scratch!

15. If you could cosplay as anyone, and money was no issue, who would you be?

It’s actually a cosplay I’m planning to do next year, but… with the money being no exception, there’s a lot of ways I could make it better. See, my Stocking and I are actually planning to do a gender bent cosplay of Captain James T. Kirk and First Officer Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series (I plan on being Kirk, and she’ll be Spock). We’re getting rather obsessed with accuracy, even planning to order a vintage pattern from the ’70s based off of the Starship Enterprise female uniforms. However, we’re at a loss for what to do for phasers and communicators… I desperately want to get mint condition models from the ’60s for us, but they’re about $300 apiece. So, if money was no exception, I’d be ordering those, oohhh, I don’t know, immediately. XD


Want to Know More About Ebony House and Her Cosplay Costumes?

If you want to keep track of Emmas new projects and current cosplay portfolio you can check her Deviant Art profile. If she’s influenced you to get into cosplay you can get a great range of costumes from our store.

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