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Having just seen the Avengers movie (like many of us) last weekend I’m well and truely in the superhero mood. Kat (my partner) and I were going to do a whole Marvel movies build up before seeing the movie this weekend when it’s released at the IMAX, but we found out our local IMAX isn’t showing it, so we watched it a week early. With Spiderman and (big breath) the Dark Knight Rises both due out in the summer it’s going to be another superhero year to remember (I promise this story is going somewhere).

Enji Night Cosplay

On Monday morning I sat down to do some research for the blog and decided that super heroes was on my order of the day. It’s here that I discovered today’s cosplay star (see, told you I’d get to it). At the end of this article I’ve included the Super Girl cosplay pictures that drew my attention away from the countless boobie shots that seem to grace the pages of DA everytime I click to the next page. Yes they’ve had some professional work done to them, which some of you might consider cheating, but hell yes it was worth it.

This piece is going to look at Enji, a 20 year old cosplayer from Hungary. She’s a World of Warcraft fan and has a very promising future ahead of her in the cosplay community. She’s also now a fixture on my favourites list and I can’t wait for her next creation to come along.

Rather than me rambling on anymore here’s a selection of my favourite cosplay costumes from Enji.


Enji Night Cosplay Costumes

I’ll start by letting you know that I’ve just hit a major dilemma (haha, you thought that I’d stopped rambling, NEVER!). I genuinely have no clue which pictures to choose as there are so many fantastic shots to pick from in Enji’s portfolio. She’s got cosplay costumes based on major characters and a few original cosplay outfits that she made herself.

To get an idea of just how diverse her portfolio is I thought a selection of Lolita outfits, modelling shots and cosplay pictures should be displayed, finishing with a stunning collection of her incredible Super Girl costume pictures. If you haven’t seen them over on Deviant Art yet prepare to be impressed.




Cow Mikuru

A Cow Mikuru Costume


Firefox Cosplay

Firefox Cosplay Holding a Globe


Lum – Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura Lum Cosplay Costume


Kumi Chan – Junko Mizuno

Furry Kumi Chan Cosplay Costume


Ragnarok Online Gypsy

This was Rnji’s first ever cosplay costume. I think she made a pretty good start.

Ragnarok Online Gypsy Cosplay Costume


Sailor Aluminium Siren

Sailor Aluminium Siren Costume


Young Delphine – Last Exile

Outdoor Young Delphine Cosplay Costume


Original Cosplay


Huntress of the Night Cosplay Costume

Fairy Girl with Blue Hair

Original Blood Elf Cosplay Costume


Have you been inspired by Enji? Buy your own cosplay costume and start joining in the fun!




Cute Lolita Outfit

Lolita Lying Down On Grass


Supergirl Cosplay Costume


Blonde Supergirl Headshot

Supergirl Flying in the Sky

Supergirl Above the Earth

Arms Out Supergirl Flying

Supergirl Sitting on an Asteroid


A Video of Enji Night

No English, but you’ll probably get the gist of what she’s talking about from what she’s doing.



Check Out More Cosplay From Enji Night

I would be in the bit surprised if you wanted to check out more work from Enji, which is precisely why I’m going to give you links to more of her work. You can see more cosplay and a host of other work on her Deviant Art profile, on her Facebook fan page or check out her videos on her YouTube channel. Some of the videos have English subtitles, so enjoy where possible, or enjoy them all if you speak Hungarian!

Enji has very kindly accepted an invitation to answer a number of cosplay related questions for us and I’ll get those online once we get it done. If you liked this piece and want to know more about her then bookmark the site and check back soon for more. Please also give the ‘Like’ button a click and show her some love.

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