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And now for something a little bit different. Seeing as I’m in the costume business I thought you should all see some incredible, professional modelling shots from German model Sina. The costumes that she wears are all beautiful and might just offer our cosplay readers a little inspiration. We also get a few photographers making their way over to us, so maybe a few ideas can be extracted from these pictures as well.

Steampunk Clockworker Costume


If you like steampunk, cosplay, high fashion and quality photography then your going to love today’s show case from Sina Domino Collins. Gain some inspiration or just sit back and admire the incredible pictures.


Sina Domino Collins Costumes

Seeing as Sina has such a rangy portfolio I’ve done by best to split them up for you. We’ll start with the cool costumes then move onto steampunk and fashion work.


Android Girl Costume

I love the electric effect in this shot, very cool! The hair also look fantastic and doesn’t look very difficult to replicate if you wanted to try it for yourself. Nice idea for anyone wanting to do an industrial style costume.

Devilish Costume

This shot is called ‘Devilish’ and with the pitch fork tail we can see why. Quite cute with the makeup and wig being done by Sina. The shot was taken at the Cyberdog store in Camden, London.

Hackers Costume

Again I love the hair in this shot and along with the smoke gives the picture a really moody feel. Throwing in some cool props enhances it tremendously, which is something to consider if you’re doing any photoshoots for competition entries soon. The background was designed and created by photographer Marco Ribbe.


Kryptonite Costume

What can I say about this that I you can’t already see for yourself? I love the background flame as you can almost feel the heat coming off of it. The slick back hair works well and the addition of the Geiger counter tops it off. People ask why I love latex so much and this is one of the reasons why, delicious!

Lady Cupcake Costume

We’re moving on from the dark and industrial shots to cutesy and beautiful here. I love the innocence on Sina’s face and the dress is fantastic. Makes me realise that Photoshop and I really do need to get acquainted properly. The dress was designed and produced by Marco Ribbe.


Furry Costume

Not much that I can say about this one, I just love it. The flames coming from the gun look excellent and adds a depth to this picture. Again this stunning outfit was designed and created by Marco Ribbe.


Pink Vixen Costume

Cute and has a Christmas feel to it. Thinking about doing this for Christmas yourself? Smart lady!


Rockers Bride Costume

Latex and spikes, are you kinding me?! Just WOW! I love every part of it from the custom bra to the 70’s hair. It certainly would be a change from the norm if you turned up in something like this at your next 70’s fancy dress party.


Underworld Costume

I’ve saved the best till last. I liked the Underworld movies but I like the latex catsuit costume even more. I can’t believe how much the addition of rain does for this picture, it’s phenomenal.


The quality of these shots are something that many cosplayers and fans dream about. It’s amazing what you can do when you get a little creative or adding in a few select props to your shots. It’s also pretty amazing what you can do with photoshop. Learn how to use it early and reap the benefits when you produce stunning work yourself. Many videos on YouTube will teach you a ton of cool techniques, so head on over there and pick up a trick or two.

Permission from Sina has been granted to display all of the images in this showcase. If you want to download or use them on your own blog please visit her Deviant Art page via the link at the bottom of this article and contact her.


Steampunk Costumes

I have little experience with the steampunk scene but having spoken to many people who are in it they’re truely impressed with these pictures. The quality of the costumes really come through and with Sina wearing them you have yourself an excellent base to work with. The background scenery makes the shots that much more impressive.

Steampunk Costume

Full Steam Ahead Corset Costume

Latex Steampunk Cosplay

Air Balloon Steampunk Costume

This final outfit was jointly designed and produced by model Sina and photographer Marco Ribbe. Is there anything this woman can’t do?!


Fashion and Other

If you’re a fan of high quality fashion or like something a little bit different then you’re sure to like these few shots. I especially like the Union Jack latex dress shot in Piccadilly Circus.

Aphrodite Corset

Clockwork Copper Dress

Latex Union Jack Dress

This beautiful latex Union Jack dress was designed and produced by model Sina and photographer Marco. How was it made? Treat it like magic, just let it remain a mystery.


And Finally…..

Many readers have come here in the past for cool Halloween tips and ideas. Take note people, this next shot should provide a few ideas for your makeup. The shot is excellent but the ideas that can be taken from it are even better.

Halloween Makeup


See More Sina Pictures on Deviant Art and Facebook

If you want to keep up to date on the latest work from Sina you can see all of her work on Deviant Art or become a fan via Facebook. Credit must also be given to German photographer Marco Ribbe.

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