Cosplay Videos: May Edition

Cosplay Videos: May Edition

The Avengers and Other Cosplay Videos

Running the blog and fancy dress business can be hard work sometimes, which is why I sometimes take a time out, have a cup of tea and check out some cool videos on YouTube.




Seeing as it’s Avengers release week (well, for the rest of the world anyway) it’s probably a good time to show you a few Avengers cosplay videos. Enjoy!





If you haven’t check out my piece on Ardella cosplay you won’t have seen this Power Girl transformation video, which is awesome!



I also only just discovered ‘The Piano Guys’, who I’m sure many of you are already familiar with. If you’re not then this video is a must!



That’s all for this week, just a few videos to keep you entertained for a few minutes. I’ll be publishing more cosplay feature articles over the next few days before likely having the long weekend off (bank holiday in the UK on Monday) to spend with Kat finishing off Skyward Sword. Damn Zelda keeps enticing me back in, got to love it!

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