FREE PVC Catsuits! Apply Within!

So we’ve got a bag full of free PVC catsuits to give away. Wait, what? FREE?! What’s the catch? OK, so sadly there is a catch. They’re all broken or damaged in a way, but I have a stack of heavy PVC catsuits sat in the warehouse that I can’t sell. Instead of simply throwing them in the bin and being done with it I thought offering them for you all to take off my hands would be a better solution.

Free PVC Catsuits Giveaway

I know cosplayers are always desperate to get their hands on some good quality materials or costumes to play with and now is your chance with this fantastic PVC catsuits offer.


PVC Catsuits Giveaway

I have a box full of catsuit returns that I’ve received over the last year due to a issues with zips or marks on the material. If you know how to replace a zip you’ll have yourself a catsuit that could be used for a range of cosplay outfits. I have plain black PVC catsuits as well as a few yellow Kill Bill catsuits, so take your pick.

If I receive a lot of applications I’ll split them up and send them out to all of you (if I have enough). This is purely a first come first served offer. If I only get one or two applications then I can split what I have in half and you can take that.

I’m based in Leeds, UK and have only one stipulation to my offer. You must either come and collect the catsuit you want or pay for shipping, that’s it. Sending overseas is no problem but can be costly. If you’re interested let me know what country you live in and I’ll be able to quote you the postage cost. Compared to buying PVC catsuits this offer will save you money.


How Do I apply For Free PVC Catsuits?

It’s quite simple really. Either send me a message direct via our contact us page here or leave a comment below with your contact details. All comments are screened before I publish them, so all of your information will be kept private and won’t be displayed.

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