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Seeing as I’m off to Rome with Kat next week (did I forget to mention?) today’s featured cosplayer is quite on topic. Calling her a cosplayer is a bit narrow minded as she’s a multi talented lady who’s known for her acting, modelling, presenting and singing, but in this article I’ll be focusing on her award winning cosplay work.


Giorgia Cosplay Costume


Some of us have only got into cosplay in the last few years as it’s popularity has really started to take off, but Giorgia has been doing it for 15 years. Through that time she’s created some stunningly beautiful cosplay costumes and pictures that show them off perfectly. Giorgia’s done costumes that include anime, comic book, cartoon and original characters to name but a few. Her portfolio really is a sight to behold and I can’t recommend her website enough. You can visit the site via the link at the end of the article.

Before you head off to pastures new check out Giorgia’s work and learn all about her from our Q&A session.


Giorgia Cosplay Costumes Collection

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to visit Giorgia’s Deviant Art profile you’ll have found that an hour of your life is stolen away from you without even realising it. I clicked endlessly through the folders to find more and more incredible cosplay costume pictures. What was even more impressive than stealing my grasp of time was the quality of the shots. The costumes are all fantastic, but the locations where they’re shot take them onto another level.

Before I starting barking on about how much I loved the scenery lets get straight into it.


Alcyone – Magic Knight Rayearth

Giorgia Alcyone Cosplay Costume by the Water

I couldn’t have found a better example to start us off. The reflection in the water adds a level of depth that few shots I’ve seen recently have managed to achieve.


Black Cat Cosplay

Giorgia Black Cat Costume

I’ve seen a lot of Black Cat cosplay costumes recently but this ranks right up there. I’d love to see a night version of this picture but the daylight defines the costume in all the right places.



Giorgia Catra Cosplay Costume

Well well this takes me back a bit. For our younger readers you might not remember He-Man and She-Ra (I’m sure you’ll find a few episodes over on YouTube if you fancy giving it a go) but this is Catra, She-Ra’s enemy. I’ve seen very few Catra cosplay attempts so this is a rare treat.



Girogia Elektra Cosplay Costume

Oh come on, did you really need to remind me of the damn movie?! Well, maybe this shot will replace the memories many of us have of the movie starring Jennifer Garner. I love the hanging tree in the background as it compliments the costume in the foreground.


Flora – Enchantrix Version – Winx

Giorgia Flora Enchantix Costume

Where do I start? I had a real issue narrowing my picture choice to this one from the many other Flora shots. The costume, the beautiful background and Giorgia as the striking model all add up to it being one of my favourite cosplay pictures ever. Don’t think this is a one off as there are a folder full of similar pictures in her DA profile.


Fujiko Mine – Lupin iii

Giorgia Fujiko Mine Costume

Did you think this was Black Widow? You’re not alone as this is a common mistake. Just like catwoman she’s a burglar or thief for hire, but this busty character is from Japan. We all love a good catsuit and this is no exception.


Ginrei – Giant Robo

Ginrei Costume

Based on the Japanese manga character Ginrei from old classic Giant Robo, Giorgio has recreated a brilliant character with a series of shots that shouldn’t be missed. Quite simple to recreate, so consider this for your next cosplay maybe.


Karen – Mermaid Melody

Karen Costume

Taking on the mermaid form of any character from Mermaid Melody can be a real challenge, which is why taking on the Idol form is preferable for most people. The setting is beautiful, the lighting perfect and the costume a real treat.



Giorgia Mira Cosplay Costume

This is an original character made by Giorgia. The character comes from an Italian comic called ‘Project Mira’ and I think it’s fantastic. The multi-coloured vinyl cosplay costume with PVC boots makes for a very futuristic look.


Neko Girl

Furry Neko Girl Costume

Well hello kitty :-)


Princess Luna – Sailor Moon

Princess Luna Costume

Picturesque isn’t it? This is what sets Giorgia aside from other cosplayers that I’ve seen recently. The scenery is simply stunning the the vivid colours on the dress helps Giorgia stand out from the background. I love everything about this picture and it should encourage cosplayers that they should venture out to interesting locations more often to get more impressive results.


Silene – Devilman

Angel Silene Cosplay Outfit with Wings

Some cosplay costumes are clever and intricate, but this outfit is the definition of bold and impressive. I hate turning up to conventions when people wear these huge costumes that take up the room four people could fill. On the other hand if I saw Giorgia sauntering towards me wearing this I’d soon forget my previous grievance.


Wonder Woman

Giorgia Wonder Woman Costume

This costume needs no introduction. Seeing it on Giorgia though just seems to make it that much more impressive, don’t you agree?


Yuan – Cabal Online

Giorgia Yuan Cosplay Costume

Little is known of Yuan, which means that instead of simply introducing the character I can focus on the cosplay. Honestly, that suits me perfectly! With a serious face on her and two blades at the ready it’s a little difficult to critique Giorgia in this one for fear of retribution. Thankfully I have nothing but positive things to say, so the panic for me is over. Again the backdrop improves the shot and makes it feel more authentic.


Zakuro – Tokyo Mew Mew

Giorgia Zakuro Cosplay Costume

Cute and vibrant immediately comes to mind. I don’t know why Giorgia chose to cosplay as Zakuro but it’s easy to speculate because both work as a model and actress in there professional lives. This shot emphasises just how much a cool wig can do for you.


Giorgia Cosplay Videos

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out Giorgia’s stunning collection of cosplay outfits now seems like a good time to introduce you all to her acting talents. The following videos are guest appearances by Giorgia in the Italian online series ‘Gamers’, which is a show based in video game store Game Stop. All of the videos are in Italian, but you won’t need the volume on to appreciate Giorgia at work.


Giorgia wears a Lara Croft costume in this video. Click forward to 1.50 for her entrance.



Giorgia appears twice in this video at 1.20 and 2.31 wearing a different outfit each time. She looks beautiful both times!



Did I leave the best till last? I think so! See Giorgia in a jaw dropping slave Leia costume here. She appears from the beginning, so enjoy the whole video.




Q & A With Giorgia Cosplay

OK, now that you’ve seen a small selection of her work in pictures and on video it’s a good time to sit down with Giorgia and learn a bit about her. We asked the European beauty about her introduction to the world of cosplay, a bit about her interests and what’s in her costume wearing future.


1. What made you get into cosplay?

Oh, it seems so long ago. I started cosplaying in 1997 and it was actually the first day of spring. I wore my Sailor Mars outfit during the spring edition of Lucca Comics & Games, the main Italian comics convention which was, at that time, held twice a year (now it’s just once).

I had been playing with the idea of dressing like an anime character since a couple of years back, when I had seen a few guys wearing outfits from Star Trek or from fantasy role play games. So I told myself: “if they can do this with their favourite characters, why can’t I do the same with mine?”

At the time I didn’t know I was cosplaying: I referred to that by simply saying “getting dressed” or “wearing a costume”. It was only after I had Internet access that I learned about cosplay and how it was world wide spread.

2. How old were you when you started cosplaying?

I was 20 years old.

3. What was your first costume?

Sailor Mars from the series Sailor Moon.

4. Do you make your own costumes?

Yes with the help of my Mum ;)

5. Where do your source your materials or the pieces for your costumes?

When it comes to cosplay the Internet is your best friend both for finding reference images (or action figures) and for materials and pieces.

Wigs are the kind of item I buy the most online, but there are also boots and other kind of footwear. I occasionally buy online fabrics too, but if I find the ones I need in the shops near my place, I prefer those because being able to touch and feel them first hand is very important to get the correct one.

6. How long does the average costume take to make or put together?

It mostly depends on how complex the costume is, but I’d say anything between a couple of weeks and a couple of months.

7. Do you design and make original costumes or do you create replicas of costumes worn by characters?

I prefer to do replicas but I’ve also created an original character called Beautiful Jo who starred in an Italian comic called Kappa Angels.

8. What would be your super power if you could only have one?

Magic ;)

It might sound like cheating because you get more powers at once, but hey Zatanna and Dr. Strange have that too :P And besides, my favourite characters have always been Majokko like Creamy Mamy, and now I like Harry Potter very much, so what could you expect? :D

9. Do you attend cosplay conventions or events? If yes how many do you attend in an average year?

Back in the day I used to attend some events, but now that I have less and less free time I had to reduce the number to only Lucca Comics & Games, which as I said before is the main Italian comics related event. This doesn’t mean you can’t find me at other events, since some of them hire me to introduce the cosplay contest or as a testimonial to the event itself.

10. Who’s your favourite cosplayer? (Could be a friend or a famous personality in the cosplay scene)

There’s this Japanese guy, Goldy, who is the best armour/mecha maker I’ve ever met and I really like his work. I’ve met him in the flesh and he is quite a good singer too :D

11. Who’s your favourite character to cosplay?

I think…Sailor Pluto.

12. Favourite TV show, movie and band?

My present fav TV show is Big Bang Theory while if I look at a few years back I’d say Friends, of which I own the complete DVD series.

As for the movie, being the 80s nostalgic I am, I would say The Goonies and Back To The Future.

My favourite international band is Roxette, while as far as the Italian scene goes it’s Franco Battiato. He is an Italian singer who you might not know, because he only sings in Italian. I really like how he can go anywhere from easy listening pop music to politically committed lyrics, sometimes even mixing those together.

13. Do you cosplay for a living? If not, would you do it if the opportunity was offered to you?

I am somewhat in between. I mean that while I present cosplay shows and attend events in cosplay, these job offers come because I have other skills like singing, acting, and event presentation. Yes, those offering these jobs know me because they saw my cosplay website, but they don’t ask for me as a cosplayer.

That said, I would like to cosplay for a living, but I wouldn’t do exclusively that, because there are a lot of other jobs I’d like to do and for which I’m studying or I’ve studied like voice acting.

14. What’s going to be your next cosplay costume?

I’m working on Juclecia from Magna Charta and a special version of Nico Robin from One Piece.

15. If you could cosplay as anyone and money was no issue who would it be?

It’s difficult …let me check my next impossible costume under the voice “flying”.

What to See More From Giorgia Cosplay?

You can learn a whole lot more about Giorgia on her website, Deviant Art page and become a fan of hers on Facebook. If you liked this article and want to read more about Giorgia please hit the like button and I’ll consider publishing more of her excellent work here soon.

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