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I’m going to stick with the Italian theme in this article as I’m going to be landing in Rome in around 24 hours. Yes, I’m going to be the stereotypical tourist with my camera swinging from my neck and a map in my hand. Do I care? Hell no! One of my goals is to get a range of shots that I can use as backgrounds for a cosplay project I might well take on once I get back.

Vampire Knight Stella Haze Cosplay

Anyway, enough of that, I have a cosplayer to feature! Adele is Italian (as I previously mentioned), she’s 18 years old and seems to be quite the perfectionist. I don’t need to say much more and you can read all about her in the Q&A after we showcase her work below.


Stella Haze Cosplay Showcase

No need for build up here, let’s just dive right in and see why I’m featuring Adele.


Akito “Shujin” Takagi

StellaHaze Akito Shujin Takagi Cosplay


Aurora – Sleeping Beauty

StellaHaze Aurora Cosplay

Belial Costume

Aurora Costume


Belial – Angel Sanctuary

Belial Cosplay Costume


Chihiro – Spirited Away

Chihiro Cosplay Costume


Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Costume

Ciel Phantomhive Costume

Ciel Looking to the Heavens Shot

Ciel Leading Against A Tree

Ciel Sat On Steps In The Sun


Princess Kraehe

Princess Kraehe Cosplay Costume

Princess Kraehe Ballet En Pointe



Valentina Kneeling on a Bed



Zombie Cosplay Costume and Makeup


A Q&A With Stella Haze Cosplay

If you like what you’ve seen then you’ll want to know more about Adele right? Good job she answered these questions for you all then!


1. What made you get into cosplay?

The last episode of the first season of Kuroshitsuji [Black Butler]. I felt so broken inside that I thought “I would give my body to Ciel if I only could” and then I discovered I actually could do it. It’s basically a catharsis for me..

2. How old were you when you started cosplaying?

I was 16 years old, I started in 2010.

3. What was your first costume?

My first costume was Ciel Phantomhive, a beautiful version full of lilies and lace!

4. Do you make your own costumes?

When I first started I couldn’t sew yet, so a tailor made the first costume for me. Then I started learning how to properly cut, sew, make accessories and try different kinds of materials, but I’m still not a “tailor” or a “prop-maker”. I always try to do everything by myself but sometimes I don’t feel very confident so I prefer to ask someone else for help >w< Usually I try to buy the “basis” and then modify them according to what I need.

5. Where do your source your materials or the pieces for your costumes?

That’s a big problem. Since I live in a very small city in the South of Italy, where no one except me and a few of my friends has the foggiest idea of what cosplay is, it’s not so easy to found the materials I need. I look for them everywhere around, in shops, second-hand markets, putting advertisements on my facebook profile etc. Sometimes I’m lucky and I find everything I need, but most of the time I have to buy everything from eBay then cross my fingers hoping everything will be okay.

6. How long does the average costume take to make or put together?

It depends on the complexity of the costume, on the amount of details and, most of all, on the time I could spend making it. Since I still go to school and I don’t have a sewing machine (so I hand-sew everything, which is obviously time-consuming) I’m not very fast. Usually I need a few weeks to put together the materials I need and then I work on them for one hour a day during the week, two-three during the weekend. Since I have periods full of things to do and to study, I always try to get further than I originally planned, so that I have an amount of new costumes I could use in case of “emergency”!

7. Do you design and make original costumes or do you create replicas of costumes worn by characters?

I usually do replicas of dresses worn by characters, but I always try to leave on them my personal touch. If I don’t like a detail, I simply eliminate it. If I like a detail that isn’t provided in the original version, I simply add it. I think that my costumes should fit me and my personality so that I could feel confident in them. So I prefer not to be “accurate” if this means feeling that what I’m wearing does not fit me.

8. What would be your super power if you could only have one?

My dream is to be able to do everything I want since the first time I do it. Sewing perfectly, singing perfectly etc.

9. Do you attend cosplay conventions or events? If yes how many do you attend in an average year?

Yes, I usually attend to 4 con a year.

10. Who’s your favourite cosplayer? (Could be a friend or a famous personality in the cosplay scene)

My favorite cosplayer is Ryoko-demon. I love/hate her because I can’t figure out how she could be so amazing in every character. Speaking of Italian cosplayers, my favorite one is Mogu (Gabriella Orefice). She’s just too perfect!

11. Who’s your favourite character to cosplay?

Ciel Phantomhive, of course. I’ve never felt like I feel everytime I cosplay him. It’s a character I love and I totally recognize myself in.

12. Favourite TV show, movie and band?

I don’t like TV shows >w< I recently followed “Awkward”, but I watch TV once in a blue moon! My favorite movie is maybe “Lolita” from D. Lynch. As regards music I like every kind of music let alone metal! It’s hard to decide who’s my favorite one, but I surely tell that I LOVE Mozart, so maybe he’s my favorite artist!

13. Do you cosplay for a living? If not, would you do it if the opportunity was offered to you?

No, I don’t and I wouldn’t. Cosplay is a passion for me. And when passion becomes job it’s not funny anymore, that’s what I think. That’s why I neither take part in cosplay competitions during conventions.

14. What’s going to be your next cosplay costume?

I’ve one version of Ciel, Sakuya from Necrateholic and Rue from Princess Tutu waiting for a shooting. I’ll cosplay Vanessa from Disney’s Little Mermaid and an improved version of Ciel-nurse (from the 8th chapter of Phobia, the doujinshi written by Neneko) next month in a convention in Palermo. Right now I’m working on a version of Ciel taken from an illustration by Shina Himetsuka, and another cosplay that I prefer not to reveal until it’s complete ;)

15. If you could cosplay as anyone and money was no issue who would it be?

Thumbelina in that beautiful, giant white dress. That’s my dream, and I already bought some materials so.. who knows?


See More Pictures from Stella Haze Cosplay

I wouldn’t be surprised if you now wanted to go and look through the other pictures from Adele. Luckily I’m a nice guy and would think the same if I was you. You can see more on her Deviant Art profile or on World cosplay.

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