Baby, It’s Warm Outside. Friday Update

The Temperature ‘s Soaring and My Mind’s In Overdrive An Evening Sun Going Down Behind A Tree

Photo by Werol

Can’t place the title lyric? It’s a play on the Christmas song ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ by Frank Loesser…clever right? See what I did there? OK, so this warm weather we’re experiencing in the UK is draining my mind of clever things to say, so you’ll all have to deal with sub par funnies.

It’s the end of the typical working week for some, but not for me, maybe. I might be doing another catwoman shoot tomorrow with Kelly and a Red Hood shoot with Mike. If we don’t do it tomorrow there will undoubtedly be a date set for one in the near future. I’m VERY excited with potentially working with them as they really enjoy cosplay and playing their chosen characters (from what I believe). I’m hoping to build on the work I did last weekend at the catwoman shoot (read about it here) by trying a few new things out.


Plans for My Next Shoot and How I’ll Improve On The Last One

I bought a tripod (arrived today), which will significantly reduce the risk of motion blur I got last week by doing everything freehand. I’ve also been over on the Model Mayhem forums (see the post here) discussing lighting techniques and ways to improve my work.

I’ve added taking one white and one silver reflector down with me to the dark tunnels at the Dark Arches to my list. By bouncing the light that shines down from the lamps above onto the model when she wears a shiny material like PVC it should slightly increase the lighting exposure on the catsuit. I’m also going to try bouncing the light from my speed light onto the reflectors and hope that it won’t over expose the catsuit. Working with PVC and any other shiny material has it’s challenges. It’s one I look forward to taking on.


So How’s Working Life Dave?

The fancy dress business is ticking along nicely, thanks for asking!

I received lots of big orders for sailor fancy dress costumes this week, which I’m guessing is down to a few things. Hen party season is in full swing and I expect many of you ladies to dress as sailors in large groups when you go abroad or head on a night out closer to home. Either that or the warm weather is encouraging you all to go out dressed up.

Our pin up sailor costume seems to be really popular right now, check it out:


A Royal Blue Pin Up Sailor Costume


If you like it you can buy it on the retail site under the ‘Sailor Fancy Dress’ section. Priced at £13.99 it won’t break the bank, so pick one up while stocks last.


OK, Some Cosplay For You To Check Out

I couldn’t do an update without at least pointing you in the right direction of some eye popping cosplay, so here it is. I just received Q&A responses from this lady and it’s very exciting to know that I’m writing about her very soon. But it would be rude not to introduce her early so you can get to grips with the volume of brilliant work she’s produced to date.

I am talking about Riddle and you can look through her portfolio here. I especially like her catwoman work, which is on a different level to many I’ve seen thanks to some handy post photoshop work.


That’s all for now. Back with more next week. Have a good weekend all!

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The owner of Otley Run Fancy Dress and a fancy dress guru. He's also an amateur photographer who has experience with cosplay and costume photography.

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