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I think this is technically only the second feature piece that I’ve done since the Yaya Han one. Thank you so much for all the compliments for that piece, I’m really glad you liked it and will do my best to match or even better that one here.

Riddle in Snow White costume holding a red apple

Considering the quality of the work of the lady being featured here I don’t think it should be too difficult. It takes me a few days of research and tweeking before I’m happy with an article before I publish it, hence the reason for the long delay between feature pieces.


Introducing you to Riddle

White Leia Costume Surrounded By Stormtroopers


Enough of the excuses. Lets dive into a the world of Riki LeCotey, known to many on the interwebs and in cosplay circles as Riddle. I only discovered her full portfolio of work after seeing yet another daily deviation awarded to her (for those of you not aware of what a “DD” award is….shame on you!) and clicking on the link to her profile. I was like a kid at Christmas when I dived into her gallery and will be writing to thank her soon for providing me with some of the most enjoyable hours I’ve spent sat at a computer.

Being photographed by some of the most high profile cosplay photographers in the business and rubbing shoulders with the cosplay elite sounds like a pretty perfect life, and I’m probably right! Luckily for Riddle that’s exactly the life she leads, which will cause an overpowering emotion to run through some of you out there like a train. That’s jealously folks and I know exactly how you feel.

Much like Yaya Han Riddle also has a stunning portfolio of work to ogle at. As previously mentioned I lost a few hours admiring her work and got a stern telling off from Kat for not fulfilling my boyfriend duties that evening. Alas, it was worth it. The number of incredible costumes are endless and what makes it even more impressive is that most of them she made herself (Note – Riddle has admirably corrected me on this point. She very humbly admitted that she learns new techniques and seeks help from her friends with tricky costumes. She also made it very clear that she’s a big advocator of giving credit where it’s due. Seriously, can this lady get any more likeable?!) Talent like that doesn’t go unnoticed for long and that’s proved to be the case here.

One thing for me stands out above all else. When you progress from being a casual viewer to a full blow fan of any personality most of us will jump on Facebook and start following our idols on Facebook. They post updates on when they’ll appear on screen or stage next, what they had for breakfast, the launch date for their next album, etc. Riddle posts progress pictures for her cosplay costumes, pictures of her pet, tasty food recipes and even notes about where she’s seen material that might help cosplayers make a specific costume. She’s relatable to some extent and I like that. Many that I’ve seen in the past try and fail. They attempt to relate to their fans but in many situations it feels forced, but I don’t get that feeling with Riddle. I really believe that she’s a geek just like me, and that’s pretty cool in my book. If you ever needed any proof, here it is:


Cosplayer Riddle on a Phone Cover


It’s time for you all to take precautions people, this is a health warning. Take off your shoes as, with the help of Riddle, we’re about to blow your socks off (it’s Wednesday and I’ve just got back to work after a 4 day weekend due to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, yes that’s the best I could come up with considering the circumstances!)


A Showcase of Cosplay Costumes By Riddle

As with all of our featured cosplayers Riddle’s body of work is continually growing, but keeping up to date with her latest cosplay costumes isn’t difficult thanks to the wonders of social media. I’ve posted links to her Facebook, DeviantART and Twitter accounts along with the URL to her website so you can continue to follow her progress and admire her stunning costumes. Please also consider hitting the Facebook ‘Like’ button at the top of this piece if you enjoy her work and want to see more. If enough of you want to see more then I’ll give you people what you want.


You can click on the images to see an enlarged version.


1940s Harley

Riddle 1940s Harley Costume


Dr Mrs The Monarch

Riddle Dr Mrs The Monarch Costume


Emma Frost

Riddle Emma Frost Costume



Riddle Huntress Costume

Riddle Huntress Cosplay



Riddle Princess Leia Costume


Mary Marvel

Black Latex Mary Marvel Cosplay



Riddle Rosette Cosplay


Snow White

Riddle Snow White Costume

Riddle Snow White Cosplay



Riddle Wasp Cosplay



Riddle Zatanna Cosplay


Photographer Credits

Full credit must go to the following photographers for producing the pictures you see above:


A Q&A With Riddle

Riddle is one hell of a busy lady, which makes me appreciate the fact that she got back to me even more. Not only did she reply to my messages requesting permission to publish her work but she also agreed to answer some of my questions so that we can learn more about this American beauty.


1. How old were you when you started cosplaying?

If you don’t count bad Halloween costumes? The first time I wore an Anime costume, before I knew what Cosplay was, I was 17.

2. What was your first costume?

It was Yohko from Devil hunter Yohko. My friend had just gotten that anime, and I we wanted to dress up together for Halloween. I didn’t have access to any wigs and not many fabrics, so I thought I could do the character with my limited resources.

No one had any idea who I was. I grew up in a small town in Canada, it was a pretty sheltered community to anything which would be considered Foreign. We didn’t even have fast food or traffic lights! The nearest ‘city’ which was 8 hours away. I still have the costume, I would never wear it again, but I could never part with it.

3. Where do your source your materials or the pieces for your costumes?

I get materials from various places. Anywhere I see a fabric, it could be an already made shirt or it could be a table cloth. In the end its how I like the texture and color, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Same goes for accessories and props, I always try to keep my eyes open when I’m walking around the store for shapes of items that could be used in costumes as accessories or props.

4. How long does the average costume take to make or put together?

There is no average time, black cat sat on the shelf for 5 years before I wore it because I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted it, but then a costume could come together in a few weeks. It’s all dependants on if you can find what you need and how fast you can make this happen. For most of us this is a Hobby, so it’s when we have free time to make the outfits.

5. Do you design and make original costumes or do you create replicas of costumes worn by characters?

I recognize that the comic book artists are the costume designers; I just do try to find my own take on it, something that also works for my height and body type but also makes sense for the characters.

6. What would be your super power if you could only have one?

Eat anything I want and be in amazing shape.

7. Do you attend cosplay conventions or events? If yes how many do you attend in an average year?

I attend about 2 conventions a year on my own; Dragoncon & Heroes con. In the past couple years I have been fortunate to be invited to other conventions, as a guest, to host panels, give interviews, judge contests etc. This has allowed me to get go to some really great conventions I might have not gone to otherwise, especially the ones out of the country.

8. Who’s your favourite cosplayer? (Could be a friend or a famous personality in the cosplay scene)

I don’t have a specific cosplayer I’m obsessed with; I am always blown away when someone creates a outstanding costume, coupled with a photo that embodies the spirit of the character.

9. Favourite TV show, movie and band?

Very difficult for me to nail down my favorites. Right now I’m currently watching; Downton Abbey, BBC Sherlock, Archer, Legend of Korra, My little Pony and various animes when I can.

I can’t say I’m into any bands, The most recent band I have gotten into was Foster the People. I’m usually so behind on whats current and I think I have had the same stuff on my IPhone for the past couple years, but anything Joe Hisaishi, Yoko Kanno, Most RPG soundtracks and Disco will always have a special lit up dance floor in my heart.

10. Do you cosplay for a living? If not, would you do it if the opportunity was offered to you?

I wouldn’t say I make a living making costumes of characters I like and then get paid to wearing them. But I can say that the skills I have developed FROM cosplaying have gotten me jobs. For instance I was afforded the opportunity to work on a few movies a bit ago such s Big Mommas House 3 & X-Men: First class. People who are serious about Cosplay can develop some pretty important work skills, beside the obvious of sewing and prop making. You learn things like; making a budget, time management, organization, following instructions, multitasking, working late hours, troubleshooting, etc, which can be an assist in any job.

11. What’s going to be your next cosplay costume?

I’m trying to work a bunch at a time actually; we will see how that goes well. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of comic costumes, so I have a few more anime ones. Couple of them are; Miki from Idol master, Silk Spectre II and finishing up a few costumes that have been half done for awhile.

12. If you could cosplay as anyone and money was no issue who would it be?

Currently I would love to do Priss’ hard suit from Bubble Gum Crisis, it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I started cosplay. Right now the only thing stopping me is the time & money that the whole outfit would take. It would probably be the only costumes I could do that year and there is a lot of engineering I need to work out before I even start the costume.



See More Work By Riddle and Become A Facebook Fan

Well that’s all for now, but you can see a lot more from Riddle on her various social media accounts and her website. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantART or see her complete profile of cosplay pictures on the Riddles Messy Wardrobe or Hime Arts websites.

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  • I have to say, her Huntress costume pictured above is probably the best one I’ve ever seen in all of cosplay. It seriously wouldn’t look the least bit out of place next to Batman and Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. I’d love to see what she could do with a budget allotted to a big movie like that or The Avengers.

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