Diamond Jubilee Week. Friday Update

A Three Day Week Thanks To HRH

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert


First and foremost many congratulations to HRH (her Royal highness for those of you not in the know) the Queen for making it 60 years in the job on Tuesday. I presume my invites to the flotilla and jubilee concert were lost in the post (typical Royal Mail!) so I was left with many others to watch it on the telly, which I didn’t end up doing. I watched the flotilla for about an hour then turned it off to battle my way to the end of Zelda Skyward Sword. We’re so close to finishing it, but the end is still just out of reach. I blame this on Game of Thrones, which we’ve (Kat and I) have only just started watching. We’re half way through season 2 and will move onto season 2 of The Walking Dead when we finish it. Sooooo many TV shows to watch and such little time, poor Link must be feeling quite neglected.


Cosplay News

In my last Friday update I mentioned that I would be publishing a new article about cosplayer Riddle this week and that’s exactly what I did. With the bank holidays affording me the opportunity to focus on blog work rather than the fancy dress business I was able to produce what I consider to be one of my better pieces to date. Riddle was kind enough to share the link on her fan page and the reaction has been fantastic. The number of Facebook ‘Likes’ are easily 4 times more than any other piece I’ve written and the kind comments from her fans have been incredibly encouraging. A huge thank you to you all from me, I truely appreciate it.

With the Euro’s (European Football Tornament) kicking off today (yes, I’m a huge football/soccer fan, I can only apologise) the chances are my output in terms of articles will be limited over the next 3 weeks. Come to think of it with the Olympics coming up not long afterwards my productiveness could be very limited this summer. Sorry in advance!


Leeds Thought Bubble 2012 Tickets Now On Sale!

2012 Thought Bubble Logo


Yes, it might be months away but tickets for the 2012 Thought Bubble convention are now on sale. The event takes place on the 17th and 18th of November at Saviles Hall, Clarence Dock, which is opposite the Royal Armouries.

Single day tickets cost £12, weekend tickets are £20. If you cosplay you pay only £8 per day and under 12’s are free! You can buy your tickets here.

You can see my article and pictures from Thought Bubble 2011 here.


Fancy Dress News

Goods news…we will finally have more Kill Bill catsuits in stock in small, medium and large sizes next week. As soon as they arrive the stock will be added to the website for you to buy.

We also received more sailor costumes in stock after a flurry of orders last week. Anything that sold out last week should now be available again.


Coming Next Week

As previously mentioned one of the two big football tournaments kicks off and that will draw my attention away from work, but I’ll do my best to provide you all with a few quality cosplay articles. My aim is to publish at least 2 cosplay articles, but don’t be surprised if that target doesn’t get reached.

Thank you again to all of our new readers for coming over and offering support via Facebook, it’s been very encouraging and I hope you all return to read more about our featured cosplayers.

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