Where The Hell Have You Been?!

Remember me? Your friendly, hard working cosplay writer, photographer and fan of all things fancy dress? We’ll, I’ve been a busy bee and have focused my attention elsewhere, which has left this poor blog feeling quite neglected. Fear not, I’m back with a quick update and news of a new article due in the next few weeks.


Fairy Cosplay with Pink Hair


So where the hell have I been? Here’s a quick update.


The 2012 London Olympics

I think it’s fair to say that many of us had been glued to the TV over the summer watching the great sporting endeavours achieved by athletes from around the globe. I was one of the many skeptics before the games started but after watching the terrific opening ceremony directed by award winner Danny Boyle it reversed my opinion and got me in the mood. Since then I had the radio and TV on catching updates throughout the day between work. It even encouraged me to get off my backside and sign up for the gym again. Don’t expect to see me competing in Rio, rather lets hope I can shift a few pounds and trim down a bit.

A huge congratulations to team GB for the huge medal haul we gathered and lets hope it encourages more youngsters to get into sport at the professional level.


Photography Work

I’ve taken the bull by the horns and dived head first into photography in a big way. Over the last six months I’ve taken a few courses, read countless guides, watched plenty of tutorials, experimented with a number of techniques and taken part in a number of shoots including cosplay and fetish. I’ve enjoyed the experience a lot and now have my weekends through to the end of the year booked up with a variety of photoshoots. I’ll get some pictures up when I’ve had a chance to get a few edited.

The picture at the top of this article is from a shoot I did with a lovely model from Leeds. We headed to the wooded area close to my house and shot for a few hours. I loved the dress and her pink hair was a real treat to photograph. If anyone is interested in working with me please do get in touch here.


The Dark Knight Rises and a Summer of Great Movies

Kat and I travelled over to Bradford to watch the Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX with a few friends. We’d been looking forward to it for a good year now and, with a particular interest from me due to the  new catwoman costume, had high expectations.

Did it deliver? Kind of. I think going into any movie off the back of the Dark Knight and expecting something on a similar level would be pushing my luck but with Nolan at the helm that’s exactly what I was expecting. It was a good few hours spent but I walked out with a little disappointment. Hopefully I’ll watch it on DVD when it’s released and change my mind, but for now I don’t have it marked down as my most enjoyable movie going experience of the summer. That accolade goes to the Amazing Spiderman.

I went to see the newest Spiderman with little to no expection and came out completely bowled over with how much I enjoyed it. The story was solid, the characters very likeable and the action was exciting. I thoroughly look forward to what’s going to come next from the series.

There was also a little release from Marvel with the Avengers. It was brilliant and I loved it from start to finish. Not much more needs to be said about that as we all expected it from a class director, stellar cast and a selection of characters who we’ve all come to love (even though I didn’t grow up on the Marvel comics).



The biggest fancy dress holiday of the year has come and gone, though that doesn’t mean our work for the year is over. A huge thank you to all of our customers throughout October as it’s been one of our busiest years to date.

I was planning on writing a number of posts throughout October here on the blog but with sales coming through at a higher rate than we were expecting I sadly didn’t have the time. I’ll do my best to make up for it with some great articles and news for you to read through to the end of the year and beyond.

The biggest sellers this year were our black swan costume, catwoman costume, PVC catsuits, traditional Halloween costumes and a range of nurse uniforms. We suspect that the majority of the nurse costumes were individually transformed into zombie costumes thanks to the influence of the Walking Dead. No complaints here, we’re currently hooked on the 3rd series.


What’s next?

Lots! I’m hoping to book some great costume or cosplay shoots before the end of the year and will get some of the pictures onto the blog once I’ve finished editing them. I’ll also be doing some fetish fashion (PVC, latex, etc) shots with a few local models and will upload the more appropriate pictures (as this is still a family friendly site) once they’re edited.

I also have a number of new costumes in stock which need to be photographed and uploaded to the retail website for sale. This should be done over the next month and I hope you all like the new outfits. I hand picked many of them myself and think you’ll like then.


Right, that’s you all up to date. I’ll be back again soon with an article and some new costume pictures.

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