PVC & Latex Harley Quinn Costume Pictures

Thursday night last week was a mixed bag in our household. I finished off some work and headed downstairs to meet my partner as she came home from work at around 5:30pm. Mere moments after I’d turned my back she’d already planted herself on the bean bag in front of our TV and had Batman Arkham City loaded. I think it’s fairly obvious where this is going considering the topic of this post. After kicking some ass and taking no names as Catwoman she then jumped onto the Harley Quinn’s Revenge missions. We only just picked up the GOTY edition so I hadn’t seen them before.

Today I woke up and was quite coincidentally introduced to this fabulous set of latex Harley Quinn costume pictures. Amber (the model) has very kindly let me feature them and based on the number of visitors we received to the latex cosplay costumes showcase yesterday I think you’ll love these as well.


A girl smiling in a latex Harley Quinn costume


I should also add that I was sadly not the photographer on this shoot, though I’m quite jealous of the lucky person who was.


A girl dressed as Harley Quinn

A girl posing as Harley Quinn

A girl with a bang gun

Harley Quinn and Scarecrow

Harley Quinn jumping on Scarecrow

Harley Quinn holding a gun


A Quick Q&A With Amber

1. I LOVE your latex Harley Quinn costume. Did you make it yourself?

Thank you! No I didn’t make it, I had bought it from artifice clothing. They have beautiful work and are very nice people. I wish I had made this costume. I really want to learn how to make latex clothing.

2. Are you a big Harley Quinn fan or was it a random choice to cosplay as her?

I’ve always been a Harley Quinn fan, her story line is just so sad and perfect. I guess I could relate to her, minus becoming a criminal.

3. Why did you choose the outfit in latex?

I chose the catsuit in latex rather then the normal cotton catsuit you’d buy from the party store because its different. It stands out from the rest and I love owning things not many people do. Also I feel it looks more like the costume from the cartoon and comics then the cotton one and it’s a lot sturdier then cotton.

4. It looks like you had a lot of fun doing the photoshoot and the pictures really show this. Tell us about the shoot.

It was a lot of fun, it was actually for a school project. I had found out a classmate of mine in my photo class also cosplayed and we sorta just clicked and decided we should so a shoot before winter semester is over. Haha, just he’s a Spiderman fan and I’m a Batman fan so we did a cross over shoot and then he also had his scarecrow costume. Haha, it was a lot of fun. I love shooting.

5. What’s next for you? Do you have another cosplay in mind?

I have a lot of projects coming up, I’m heading to anime expo for my second year and I’m cosplaying as a couple people for the four days. But my list goes on forever, I love making cosplay costumes and I just keep finding more and more characters I love.

If anyone is going to AX 2013 in Anaheim California dressed as Marceline (Adventure Time), Gumi (Vocaloid), Seri (Project K), and Crona (Soul Eater Manga Gown). ^.^ but who knows that list might change, I have a couple of months. Haha.

Want to see more? Check out Amber’s Deviant Art account here.

If you’re a fan of latex cosplay costumes the chances are you’ll also love this PVC Harley Quinn costume. It’s worn by Australian cosplayer Corinne Kruger and looking like that I’d be shocked if you wouldn’t want to check out more of her work. Luckily I’m the giving type and have provided the address to her Facebook fan page under the picture. Jump on over and show her some love.


A girl posing in a PVC Harley Quinn costume


Check out more from Corinne Kruger here.

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