March 2013 Update

What a month! February was busy to say the least and March looks like it might be busier still.

Welcome to all of the new readers that have found their way over to this blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed all that you’ve seen and read. If I get enough free hours in the next few weeks I’ll add a few new posts showcasing some more excellent cosplayers and costume pictures. I’ve already got a few drafts completed but I’d like to go over them all and tweak a little before I start publishing.

Man in mask

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I’ve received some excellent feedback on our latex care guide and have plenty of handy tips and advice that need to be added. Once I’ve sifted through the comments I’ll make some revisions, which should make the guide much more informative. Please keep leaving comments on the post and I’ll either add the more useful tips to the main article or approve the comment.

Social media has been the theme of the last few weeks as I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I still need to properly setup Google authorship so that you can see my beautiful face next to the blog posts when you see them in Google search results. I did manage to figure out the in’s and out’s of Google+ and will now be more active on there. More about that shortly.


Welcome to the Reddit community

Robot stood next to Reddit lettering

We’ve had a massive increase in visitors coming over from Reddit checking out my cosplay and costume articles at the end of February and we’re looking to continue this trend through March and beyond. Thank you so much to all of the people who’ve voted my articles up and increased the viewership here on the blog.

I’ve started to get an idea of what you all like by the number of visits that each article has received and I’ll produce more material based on demand. Give the people what they want I say!


New Latex Supplier

Girl stood cross legged in black leggings and top

After seeking advice from a number of more prominent members of the latex wearing community I’ve decided to drop most of the range that we currently offer over on the retail website. The quality isn’t up to scratch with our own high standards and we’ve now found a new supplier.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we’re now an official seller of the Essential Latex line of garments. The range on offer is perfect for beginners to latex as the items are simple and affordable. The plan is to either launch a new website offering the garments or to create a new sub-domain on this website. We still have lots to figure out and I’ll post more news when we officially launch. Needless to say it’s a very exciting time for all involved.

I’d also like to introduce you properly to the designer and creator of the range with a Q&A, which I’ll publish around the same time that we launch the range on our site. I think it’s really important to find out where your outfit is coming from and the level of experience that the designer has. That way you can gain some piece of mind and know that when you order you’ll be getting top quality latex from a trusted source.

Here are a few pictures of the range that will soon be on offer.


Girl wearing black latex on a roof top

Girl leaning against a wall wearing latex

If you’re a latex designer and would like for us to stock your range on our retail website please do get in touch. Please send me your details via the contact us page so that we can discuss your options and terms.



Colour Google+ Logo

Many of you will know I’m not one for social media but that’s about to change. I’m looking to get more active on our Facebook page (I might actually write something rather than simply letting you all know once a new article has been published) and I’ve started to post on our Google+ page as well.

I’ve also joined a number of Google+ communities including the Sexy Cosplay, Cosplay and Cosplay Photography groups. Feel free to check out my Google+ page here and please enjoy my link posts, humorous (I’ll try) insights and comments.


Budget Sailor Moon Cosplay Costumes Now on Sale!

A Sailor Moon costume

That’s right Sailor Moon fans we have a range of budget cosplay costumes just for you. I’ve added a selection of good quality costumes at a price you can afford. If you’ve not got the time or skill to make your own costume this alternative could be just what you’re looking for.

Once our new stock arrives and I manage to get our own pictures done we’ll have the following outfits available in our store:

  • Sailor Moon
  • Sailor Mars, Mercury, Pluto and Venus

You’ll be able to get the Sailor Moon costumes here shortly.


Contributions Welcome

If you’ve made or modelled a cosplay costume, want to write a convention review, produced a cool fancy dress video or anything else related to the world of dressing up for fun I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch via the contact us form and let me know what you have to contribute.

I love to feature a full range of amateur to professional quality work so don’t be shy and get in touch. Tell me what you want to have featured and I’ll let you know our email address so you can send me what you have.

If you’d like for me to publish your review or cosplay guide it must be unique and not published anywhere else. This will be checked before I post anything so please don’t send me copied content from another website.


Coming Up Next

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to write this section and actually stick to it. With so many opportunities presenting themselves to me at the moment it’s hard keep with a plan, though I’ll do my best.

  1. Get the new latex products uploaded to a new site or a sub-domain of the fancy dress shop.
  2. More cosplay articles and feature pieces.
  3. Book more costume photoshoots now that the weather is improving.
  4. Look at the new range of costumes available to us and possibly explained our range.

Come to think of it I should probably do the items on my previous to do list as well. It looks like it’s going to be a busy month ahead!

This brings us to the end of our latest update but before I go I should explain something. The image at the top of this post (and all other monthly updates) is a random cosplay picture I’ve found during my free time on the Internet. If you see an awesome cosplay shot that should be featured in a future update post please leave a link to the picture in the comments below.

Bye for now.

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