Kill Bill Cosplay Pictures

One of the most popular costumes that we sell on the retail website is our Kill Bill cosplay catsuit. It’s made from high quality thick PVC (unlike many catsuits available on places like eBay with sellers advertising their catsuits being made from PVC but they’re actually made from vinyl) and is priced at £34.99.

OK, advertising blurb over. Lets get on with showing you some awesome Kill Bill cosplay pictures.


The Bride Kill Bill Cosplay Costumes

There’s no better place to start than with the main character, the bride. Played expertly by Tarantino favourite Uma Thurman, the sword wielding centre of attention is famed for the yellow jumpsuit she wears while taking on the crazy 88’s.

PVC Kill Bill Cosplay Costume

Image Source: Lady Ginevra

The picture above shows a cosplayer wearing the Kill Bill costume that we sell. It really does look excellent and is pretty hard wearing due to the thicker PVC material.

A word of warning. Wearing it in warm weather will make you sweat and cause dehydration. Always carry a bottle of water around with you at conventions and top up on fluids throughout the day. That way you’ll be fighting fit for the whole weekend :)

Kill Bill Cosplay Yellow Bodysuit

Image Source: Sleeper Kid

A girl dressed as the bride with a sword

Image Source: Liz Sakura

A girl dressed in a yellow bride cosplay costume.

Image Source: Axelstar

A girl holding a sword across her face.

Image Source: instraMental

A girl in Kill Bill cosplay

Image Source: Eminence Rain

A girl wearing a yellow latex Kill Bill costume

Image Source: Root of Silence

A girl in cosplay in the dark

Image Source: Hayate Crawford


O-ren Ishii Cosplay Costumes

The costume shot below is one of many from a photoset by Hyoken Seisou. All of the pictures are fantastic and I strongly recommend that you check the rest out on her profile. A link to her profile can be found below the picture.


Red PVC O-ren Ishii Sniper

Image Source: Hyoken Seisou


Elle Driver Costume – California Mountain Snake / Nurse

A woman dressed as California mountain snake.

Image Source: Amazon Mandy

A girl as the Elle Driver cosplay nurse

Image Source: Tommy Ferlatte


Gogo Yubari Costume and the Crazy 88

A girl posing in a Gogo Yubari costume

Image Source: Jack Liu

A girl dressed in Gogo Yubari cosplay.

Image Source: Calli Berry

A man dressed as a member of the Crazy 88.

Image Source: MiniNene


I couldn’t resist including these fantastic shots created by a cosplay group. They show a number of characters from both Kill Bill movies including Bill, O-Ren Ishii (a.k.a Cottonmouth), Vernita Green (a.k.a Copperhead), Gogo Yubari and members of the Crazy 88 gang. Well done to everyone involved, the pictures are brilliant.

Four people in cosplay outside a church

Lots of people in Kill Bill cosplay costumes

Image Source: Amazon Mandy

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