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In the interest of full disclosure I asked a friend who purchased a sailor costume from me to write a small review of the outfit. She was heading off on a hen do and the girls were all dressing up in nautically themed fancy dress. I offered a few suggestions and she picked the dress that she liked the most, which happened to be our top seller.

It’s always useful to hear independent feedback from people who buy the costumes that I sell and constructive criticism is always welcomed (if there is any). If there’s anything wrong with a purchase I always want to hear about it so that the issue can be fixed and hopefully eliminated.


A lady wearing a navy sailor costume


Sailor Costume Review by Alison Rodgers

I got an invite to a friends hen party a few months ago. The party planner (my friend Jenna) decided that the weekend should be navy themed because the bride to be’s husband is in the army and she always jokes that she loves sailors. I gave Dave a ring and asked for him to recommend me a costume as I don’t own any clothing that I could make into a sailor costume. I looked through a few a different outfits and picked the one that I liked the most.

The dress that I picked is the navy ahoy sailor costume because it said that the material is stretchy and would sit nicely on my hips. I’m quite body conscience but was told this would cling to my body and look great with a chunky white belt I own. I also have a pair of white fishnet stockings and some gorgeous white heels that I thought would match up perfectly.

I bought the dress and tried it on before going away for the hen party. It fitted really well and because the material is stretchy it really did sit nicely. I’m usually a size 12 and I picked the medium size. I was going to go for the large but thought it might be a tiny bit too big.

After wearing the costume out on a night out I can honestly say that it was perfect. I wore it with the belt, stockings and heels as well as a navy coloured coat I borrowed from a friend. Another one of the girls had the same sailor costume in a lighter blue colour and matched it with a white petticoat to give the dress some flair. I loved the look and might do that if there’s a next time.

Overall I was very happy with my choice. It was a real bargain at just under £15 and looked much better than some of the costumes I saw the girls wearing. Some of them spent double what I did but it didn’t show. I would definitely consider adding extra accessories like I did but that’s up to you.


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