Royal Mail 2013 Price Changes: Postage Prices Going Up

Another tax year is nearly over, which means that the annual Royal Mail postage hike is about to come into force. I visited my local post office today and was given a lovely early Easter present in the form of a 2013 postage price list. After reading through it and a few calls to my postal business manager at Royal Mail I found out that all prices on the services that we use will be increasing.

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As standard here at the Otley Run Fancy Dress company we use 1st class recorded delivery to ensure that packages are sent and delivered quickly with a confirmation at both ends. In my opinion it’s the best service to use to cover both the buyer and seller at a reasonable price. We currently charge £3.49 as standard for this service but the price will be going up to £3.75 from Tuesday 3rd April.

We’re now considering the possibility of offering a standard first class service via Royal Mail, which isn’t tracked at all. I’ve heard from numerous eBay sellers and retail website owners that they’ve had issues with fraud in the past where buyers claim that they haven’t received an order. Without a proof of postage you’re a fish up a tree when it comes to making your case against a claim. We’ll likely trial this service for a month or two and make a final decision based on the results.

Thankfully for our international buyers (if I’m reading the new prices correctly) you’ll be saving some money on postage costs.

I read somewhere on the Royal Mail website (I think, it’s been a busy day) that the increase in prices will enable the delivery company to develop their packet delivery systems and infrastructure. I really hope this is the case as price increases like this need to be justified.


New Royal Mail 2013 Prices

Here are the old and new prices set by Royal Mail starting from 3rd April that apply to us:


Domestic Service – Packet Prices

Standard first class – Was £2.50 – Now £3.00

First Class Recorded – Was £3.49 – Now £3.75

Special Next Day – Was £6.35 – Now £6.99

Saturday Guaranteed Delivery – Was £10.62 – Now £12.00


International Service – Packet Prices


Standard Airmail – Was £4.82 – Now £4.95

International Signed For – Was £9.97 – Now £10.25

Airsure – Was £11.78 – Now £10.95


North America

Standard Airmail – Was £7.98 – Now £7.20

International Signed For – Was £13.13 – Now £12.50

Airsure – Was £13.38 – Now £13.20



Standard Airmail – Was £8.26 – Now £7.55

International Signed For – Was £13.41 – Now £12.85

Airsure – Was £13.66 – Now £13.55


If I find that my calculations are incorrect I’ll come back and edit them asap. Over the Easter weekend I’m going to double check the prices and amend them according. My last postal run will be on Saturday 30th March by midday, so if you haven’t ordered by then you’ll sadly have to pay a little more for your order to be sent.


Have these prices made for depressing reading? If yes, here’s a really cute kid in cosplay to cheer you up (I was going to post cute kitten pictures but I thought I’d try to stick with the blog theme).

A little girl in a cosplay costume


Possible Alternatives

Were going to start looking at other postage options now that the prices have gone up again (I believe the prices have gone up by around £1.75 for the first class recorded delivery service, a 74.5% increase in 18 months!) and we’ll keep you all updated via the blog if we introduce a new service.

If you have any feedback on alternative services (both good and bad please) please leave it in the comments section below. Also if you have any opinions on the latest price increases from Royal Mail we’ve love to hear your thoughts.

About the Author: David Hayler

The owner of Otley Run Fancy Dress and a fancy dress guru. He's also an amateur photographer who has experience with cosplay and costume photography.

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