Who Are The Best And Worst Cosplayers For Fan Interaction?

A comment on a recent article got me thinking. With my limited convention experience (I generally take pictures of cosplayers at private photoshoots) I’m not in a particularly good position to comment on the best and worst cosplayers to deal with. Those of you who are regulars at conventions held around the world will certainly have more to say on this subject. So I’m putting this over to you.


A cosplayer with a fan

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The Best Cosplayers To Get Pictures With

If you’ve attended a convention with the intent of getting a pictures with cosplayers I want to hear who the best people were to deal with.

Please tell me who was polite, put in plenty of effort, conducted themselves well, looked the part and left you with a wonderful picture that you can cherish. Did you have time to chat with them about their costume or love for the character? If you want to credit someone or provide us with some glowing feedback he’s the place to do it.

If you have a picture with the cosplayer you’re telling us about please leave a link to it along with your comment.

The Worst Cosplayers To Deal With

Please don’t use this opportunity to bash someone you’ve got a personal grievance with. I’m not interested in that and it’s just not cool.

What I really want to hear are your stories about cosplayers you had a negative experience with. Were they rude, dismissive, mean and left you feeling disappointed?

Please consider that most cosplayers are on the floor at conventions all day with little time to get a break. By the end of the day I’m sure they’re getting tired and might not be quite as responsive as they might have been earlier in the day. Be considerate with your comments and we can all have a reasoned discussion.

I’m also not looking for fans who haven’t had a response from a cosplayer over Twitter or Facebook. Again, I’m sure they’re busy people who instead of answering messages all day spend their time making their next cosplay costume for you to admire. Please only leave feedback based on actual interactions at an event or convention.


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