April 2013 Update

It just doesn’t get any easier here at Fancy Dress Queen. It’s been another very busy month and it feels like this is the first time I’ve sat down and realised it.

My apologies to the visitors who come here to check out cosplay costume pictures. It’s been a very busy month on the fancy dress side of the business and I’ve been working hard to get some new costumes in. More on that later.

A little girl dressed as Little Sister

Kat and I have just started to run through the original Bioshock game on the Xbox 360 (yes, we’re years behind the times, get over it) and will be quickly moving onto the second game once we’re finished. The aim is to get onto Bioshock Infinite by the end of the month but I’m not confident. Anyway, the picture above is a hat tip to our latest gaming exploit. If you haven’t seen my BioShock cosplay costumes article from last month please do check it out as it’s jammed full of fantastic cosplay pictures.

OK, on with our April 2013 update!


New Dresses and Costumes

OK, so after my excuse that I’ve been too busy to create more cosplay posts on the blog I should offer some proof to this.

Front of black Hepburn dress

I’ve been in constant discussion with our suppliers identifying some great new costumes and dresses that we think would be welcome additions to our collection. My biggest concern was getting in costumes that have been demanded of us in the past and going with current trends. Based on this thinking we’ve added a great range of budget Sailor Moon costumes and a wonderful selection of 50’s dresses, which includes some fashionable rockabilly dresses and a lovely black Audrey Hepburn style dress.

A Serena Sailor Moon cosplay costume

Image Source: Costumes-Au

I’ve also taken on board demands from some buyers that we offer our outfits in a larger range of sizes. Our sailor moon cosplay outfits are available in small, medium, large, XL and XXL sizes, which will fit from UK sizes 8-16. The 50’s dresses are available in UK sizes 8-20, but I’m looking to get more sizes in soon.

Next month we should have some practical petticoats that will give the 50’s dresses some extra volume, though at this stage I don’t have a confirmation as to when they’ll be available. Please do get in touch if you’re interested and I’ll keep you updated.


New Photoshoot = New Costumes Soon!

I’ve finally got a photoshoot booked in for this Sunday with a couple of models, which means that some of the newer costumes I’ve had sat around in the stock room will finally be listed on the website soon. Once I get some time to edit the shots (should be within a week of the shoot) I’ll get them online and make the costumes available to buy. Some of them I think you’ll all love and will go down a treat.

While I’m on the topic of photoshoots and with the weather finally starting to get better here in the UK I’m starting to book more costume and cosplay shoots. If you want to be photographed in your own cosplay costume or want to try some shots in one of our costumes I’m open to both. Please contact us with your application ASAP as my diary will fill up quickly. All of the shoots I do are currently held in and around Leeds city centre, though if you’re happy to pay for travel I’m happy to come to you.


Coming in May

The first thing that comes to mind is a visit to London for Kat and I where we’re going to see the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and Choir perform ‘The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony’, which we’re very excited about. Tickets are still available (I believe) and can be purchased here. Please expect a Zelda cosplay post or two leading up to the event on May 23rd, so apologies in advance if you’re not a fan.

As I mentioned earlier I’m looking to get a few cosplay and fancy dress photoshoots booked in over the next few months. Fingers crossed I’ll be in a position to post a few pictures from those shoots on the blog over the next 6 weeks, though I’m not promising anything.

I just had a quick read of my ‘to do’ list in the March update and realised I’ve done about 50% of the things on the list. Rather than embarrassing myself this month I’m not going to publish a list as I’ve no doubt the completion rate will be atrocious. Instead I’m going to go where the wind takes me (Hopefully not. Some clear skies, sunshine and a light breeze would be preferable) and go with the flow.


My apologies that this has been a shorter update than usually. I really have been a busy bee and will hopefully have more to discuss next month.

For now though it’s bye from me and I hope you’re all planning costume parties in the glowing sunshine that will (pretty please) be coming soon.

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