August 2013 Update

OK, so I haven’t done an update since way back in April and I can only apologise. I could come up with all sorts of fantastical excuses but honestly I don’t have any. Well, unless you count adding a whole new section of products to the website, organising our Halloween blog schedule, booking a new photoshoot and adding more content to the retail website.

Our 50’s dresses have also really taken off, so sales on these items have kept me very busy. We’ve ordered plenty more stock as some designs have sold out very quickly. I’ve also worked with our suppliers to provide a new selection of dresses in various designs. I really think you’ll all love them as much as I do.


Where have you REALLY been?

I really am sorry about the long delay between posts but my attention has been focused elsewhere. I’ve been working much harder with our suppliers to source some lovely new costumes, dresses and shoes. Over the last month I’ve been slowly adding them to the site and will continue to do so over the next few months as new ones arrive.

In the last update I mentioned that I was off to see the Zelda symphony in London, which happened on May 23rd.


Zelda Symphony

Stage of the Zelda Symphony at Hammersmith Apollo


Going all the way back to May my partner Kat and I took a trip down to London to watch the Zelda symphony performed by the Royal Philharmonic concert orchestra and choir at the Hammersmith Apollo. It was spectacular and I’d highly recommend picking up tickets if/when the tour comes back to the UK.


3 cosplayers in various Zelda costumes


A few people arrived in cosplay, which was fantastic to see, and many played on the Zelda games on their Nintendo DS.

Throughout the performance in game footage would come up on the big screen behind the orchestra to remind you which game it featured in. It was a joy to reminisce the games I used to play as a kid (many moons ago now) and this was the perfect way to do it.

You can buy the CD if you look for it. I just did a search on Amazon for “Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses” and couldn’t find it but I’m pretty sure it’s on sale somewhere. Please do post a link in the comments box if you find a source.


Photoshoot booked for August

I’ve finally booked a new photoshoot, which will be focused on our new range of dresses. I’m hoping to secure a few other models for fancy dress shots, but working with the model I’ve chosen to be the face of our rockabilly dresses is very exciting. She’s world famous in her niche, has been published in numerous magazines and featured on many websites.

I won’t disclose her identity just yet, but rest assured the final pictures should be a sight to see.


Halloween blog schedule taking shape

Seeing as Halloween is the biggest fancy dress holiday of the year I think it’s only right that we offer plenty of useful articles for you all to read throughout October. I’ve therefore written up an article list that includes costume, party decoration and pumpkin cutting ideas, event and make up guides, recipes and a few fun articles for you to enjoy.


New dresses now in stock

I mentioned earlier in this post that we’re now stocking a new range of 50’s style rockabilly dresses, bridesmaid dresses and a few new pencil dresses. All have started to sell very well and I’m doing my best to ensure we hold much more stock going forward. Some designs have sold out very quickly but more is on the way to us.


Front of white cherry dress

Front of black skull and roses dress

Front of rockabilly pink polka dot dress


If you’re looking to order 5 or more dresses, be it for a wedding or as uniforms for your business, please contact us here to discuss a discount.


More Kill Bill catsuits on the way!

The very popular Kill Bill costume catsuit that we sell sold out a few weeks ago after a surge in demand in convention season. Fear not as we’ve got plenty more on order, which are due to arrive by the end of this week (starting 29th July). As soon as they arrive I’ll add them to the retail site for you all to order.

If you’re wanting one of these catsuits to wear for Halloween we highly recommend ordering one early to avoid disappointment.


Coming in September

With only a month till Halloween we’ll be knee deep in Halloween preparations during September but I’ve got a few other plans in place.

Firstly I’ve got a few new cosplay articles in the pipe line, which should be ready by September. I’m looking to feature some fantastic cosplayers who I think you’ll all fall in love with immediately.

After the photoshoot taking place at the end of August I’ll need to get the pictures edited before uploading them to the retail site. I might end up putting up a few previews soon after the shoot, so keep your eyes open for an update.

Finally, I hope the fantastic weather in the UK continues through to next month and I’m able to get outside to take some costume pictures. No promises, but I’m hoping so.

About the Author: David Hayler

The owner of Otley Run Fancy Dress and a fancy dress guru. He's also an amateur photographer who has experience with cosplay and costume photography.

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