Superhero / Villain Bikinis and Walking Dead Necklaces

If you haven’t already liked the ‘Geek Girls’ page on Facebook, you really should. It adds life and awesomeness to your Facebook feed.

A girl in a wonderwoman bikini

Lovina Yavari is a stunning Cosplayer/Actor/self-professed mad scientist who has done a recent photo shoot showcasing SciFeyCandy’s handiwork. Being the idiot I am I clicked onto SciFeyeCandy’s Etsy page here … if you haven’t got the money to spend, don’t do it! Like with DeviantArt, Etsy is a very dangerous place, but this time you find yourself spending money you don’t have instead of time you can’t afford to waste.

If you chose not to venture forth into the endless site that is Etsy you can see in the pictures below a fraction of what she sells. The rest of her stock includes a selection of underwear, even more awesome bikinis, suspender belts (there’s a Batman one I have my eye on), spandex cropped leggings, bright coloured boxers and a few other odds and ends.

Here are a few of my favourites from the Geek Girls shoot, you can see the rest of the article and the pictures via the image source link.


Girl wearing a Harley Quinn bikini

Girl wearing a Captain America bikini

A kneeling girl wearing a Wonderwoman bikini

Image Source: Geek Girls


However, if Superheroes aren’t your thing, then Lovina has also done a zombie shoot along with 2 other Geek Girls models advertising necklaces from Nerd Fashion.


A girl in undead makeup wearing a necklace


You can check out the rest of the Nerd Fashion article here.

To browse through more of Lovina’s work here is her Deviant Art page, her GeekGirls page and her Facebook page.


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