Brazil World Cup 2014 Costume Ideas

The Fifa Brazil world cup 2014 started on Thursday evening when Brazil kicked off the tornament against Croatia with a 3-1 win. With the hot heat and party reputation our hosts are likely to put on one hell of an event. Some of you might be lucky enough to make the trip over there and experience it for yourself, but the vast majority of us will be enjoying the games at home, in local bars or at football parties. With the games on a big screen and hopefully decent weather to BBQ in outside you’ll only be missing one thing to further enhance the experiences…fancy dress costumes of course!

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The world of football throws up a good range of options when it comes to choosing fancy dress and I’ll run through a few of them below. You don’t need to blow a massive budget on a costume, far from it. Many of these can be picked up on the cheap from charity shops, online or you might even have something in the back of your wardrobe already.


Player Uniforms and Costumes

5 England players wearing the 2014 World Cup shirt.

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Most fans will opt for replica football shirts or t-shirts printed with flags of the popular nations. Replica shirts can be very expensive but there are plenty of alternatives to consider.

Retro shirts from previous tournaments are very popular, though this increase in popularity has caused prices to rise on the more in demand shirts. You can get replicas of these from many sellers including this one on eBay.

Many retailers will offer cheap football T-shirts for many of the international teams around the major touranments and this summer won’t be any different. Most will likely cost less than a tenner each, so get involved with a cheap alternative.

If the sun makes an appearance and the weather is good outside body paint is a fun alternative to a shirt. Get yourself white and red bottles of body paint to make an England kit and have fun doing it.


National Colours

A crowd of Holland fans.

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Watching a game that involves the Dutch always means that at least half a stadium will be filled with bright orange shirts. Many of those fans are wearing plain orange t-shirts showing you don’t have to spend a fortume to support your country. The same applies to Brazil.

A plain white T-shirt is ideal if you’re looking to support England this year.


Manager Tracksuits and Suits

Jose Mourinho in a Chelsea suit.

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Some managers, such as Jose Mourinho, opt for a designer suit as their attire when they roam the touchline while other coach’s, including Crystal Palce’s Tony Pulis, choose a more sporty tracksuit.

If you’re going out to a party and plan to drink some red wine we strongly advise against pulling on your expensive suit. Instead get yourself a cheaper alternative from a bargain outlet or a charity shop. Add a clipboard from a stationary shop and laminated documentation hanging around your neck and you’ve transformed yourself into an international manager.

You could also sew a national badge onto the breast pocket of your suit to add to the image.

Some international coaches prefer to wear tracksuits in their technical area and many sporting retailers offer international versions for each country.


Referee Costume

Howard Webb Refereeing.

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We’ve already had a few dodgy decisions in the World Cup so far and we’re only a few days in. Could you do a better job of it?

If you think you could flash your cards and blow your whistle more efficiently than the referees elected to officiate at this years premier football tournament we encourage you to get a referee costume and show us how it’s done.


Fan Outfits

Fancy dress is always a fan favourite at football matches in the crowd and the carnival capital of the world is bound to throw up a few treats. Expect feather boas, bikinis and everything yellow to feature heavily thanks to our Brazilian hosts.

If you want to get your party bouncing to a samba beat consider these outfits for your gathering:



An England Morphsuit

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The popular full body Morphsuits are regularly seen on the stands in football stadiums as fans look for something a little different to wear to games. There are plenty of different designs including national flags, single colour, tuxedo, animal and superhero suits to name a few. You could even go as a group of power rangers if you’ve got a few friends that want to get involved. Buy a Morphsuit here.


Face Paint

English fan with a face paint flag on his face.

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Many fans choose a simple approach to supporting their team. Face paint flags adorn the cheeks of many fans at football matches and this will certainly be the case in Brazil. Face paints are cheap, easy to obtain and add abit of colour to your outfit choice.


Get Creative!

One of my favourite things about major events such as the World Cup is seeing what creative fans can come up with to wear at games. A few Spain fans last night really made the effort creating their own football themed hats with a small pitch on the top. Have a good think and pull out your crafts kit to make something no-one else will be wearing.

Please be appropriate and don’t take it too far. Tournaments should be a fun environment to be in, so keep it clean and you’ll inspire others to do the same.

About the Author: David Hayler

The owner of Otley Run Fancy Dress and a fancy dress guru. He's also an amateur photographer who has experience with cosplay and costume photography.

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