Our New Pink Bridesmaid Dress

On the back of the success of the cadbury purple version of the same outfit we proudly present this stunning pink bridesmaid dress. The design is perfect for all occasions and has been very popular with our customers for well over a year now. It’s about time that we offered a different colour to choose from and we’ve opted for this gorgeous pink colour. It’s available now from our store under the dresses section in UK sizes 8-20.


2 girls wearing our pink bridesmaid dress.


Our floor length strapless pink bridesmaid dress is made of a beautiful matt satin material and has a sweetheart neckline that will flatter your bust. The bra area of the dress is boned for comfort and support as we know you’ll be looking to dance the night away while wearing it. It features an a-line skirt to ensure you’re easily able to walk down the isle behind the bride and is fully lined making it comfortable to wear throughout the day.


Top of the Pink Bridesmaid Dress

The top of the dress is layered and adds abit of depth to the outfit. The layers sit perfectly on top of eachother while the smooth skirt section below it runs down to the floor.


The top half of the satin pink dress.

Back of the Pink Bridesmaid Dress

The lace up back means that you can easily adjust the dress to fit your figure. It has two flaps behind the lacing to cover the gap behind it. You can choose to wear it tightly laced as shown in the picture, which will help raise your bust, or loosely laced to give yourself some breathing room.


The back of our pink dress showing the lacing.


This pink bridesmaid dress is the perfect choice for a pink themed wedding and we’re offering them at a price that won’t heavily damage your budget, which will leave you even more money to spend on your own wedding dress. Priced at £39.99 each, with discounts available when you buy 5 or more, you won’t have to break the bank to clothe your bridesmaids.

All of the measurements can be found on the product page. It’s important that you check your measurements before ordering rather than choosing your dress based on the size. Some sizes aren’t standard, so we recommend measuring yourself before ordering to avoid disappointment.

We are able to exchange this dress for a different size as we stock a range, though we will need to charge £3.99 per dress to cover postage costs.

It is recommend that you only have the dress dry cleaned. When the dress arrives to you it will be folded and likely creased. We’ve ironed these dresses on a low setting and had no issues at all with the material. Turn it inside out or place a thin towel over the dress material to iron it out the creases.

This bridesmaid dress is very easy to have altered, especially with it’s length. Many of you will wear your outfit with heels, while others might opt for flats. Either way the smooth skirt is simple to pin up if you want to remove some of the length.


Let us know what you think

Your feedback matters to us and we’d love to hear what you think about this pink bridesmaid dress. If you’ve bought one from us and would like to let us know about your experience wearing it we’d be delighted to know how it went.

Please leave all feedback in the comments section below.

About the Author: David Hayler

The owner of Otley Run Fancy Dress and a fancy dress guru. He's also an amateur photographer who has experience with cosplay and costume photography.

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