July 2014 Update

Well, June was a rather busy month on the website and blog and July won’t be any different. I’ve been beavering away on new articles for the blog, a new Leeds fancy dress resource (more on that coming soon) and lots of social media work. I’ve also had to cancel a number of photoshoots due to the weather (booooo) and started to build up our Google+ business page with lots of shiny pictures.


The Fancy Dress Queen logo

With the weather in the UK somewhat unpredictable and varied at the moment getting time to book photoshoots outside has been very difficult. I’ve had to cancel and reorganise a few shoots due to rain but I’m going to do my best to get some done this month. It is the summer after all, so it’s finally time to get productive and take advantage of the sun when it peaks out from behind the clouds.


Wiggle Dress Sale!

Three wiggle dresses in different colours.

To start the month of July we’re offering all of our wiggle dresses for only £19.99 each till Sunday 7th July. All dresses are available in UK sizes 8-20 in 3 different colours. Grab one now while they have £10 off.


Leeds Fancy Dress Resource – Coming soon!

I had a brainstorming session a week ago thinking up ideas for the shop and blog. I came up with a local idea that I think might come in use for our Leeds based readers. I won’t disclose the full plan yet as I want to present it when it’s ready and don’t want anyone pinching the idea before I publish the post.

Keep an eye on our Twitter account for updates, which perfectly leads me onto Twitter news.


Fancy Dress Queen Twitter Account – It lives!

The Twitter Logo

Yes, I’m finally getting active on Twitter (I can feel the slow hand claps from here). I worked hard to build up the Fancy Dress Queen Facebook page and it’s a nightmare trying to get news and links out to our fans. Facebook changed the rules not so long ago meaning that I’d now have to pay to connect with our fans, which is crazy to me. Anyway, I’d rather spend our budget on new costumes and outfits for you all, which means I’ll likely update less and less on Facebook as time goes by (for the time being).

Facebook’s loss is Twitter’s gain. I’m now going to get much more active on Twitter, so expect to find lots of deals, pictures, links to cool cosplay and probably cat pictures over the next month. I would greatly appreciate plenty of favouriting and retweets if you like what I’m putting out. The more a tweet gets favourited or shared the more informed I am and know what you all like. I’ll then do my best to post more of the same or similar.


Google+ Business Page – Who knew anyone was using it?!

The Google+ Logo

Many of my friends mocked me when I mentioned I’m getting active on our Otley Run Fancy Dress Google+ business page. They said “no-one uses Google+” and “we’re in 2014, not 2011 you know”. Fools I say! Google+ is alive and thriving, as is our page :)

I’ve started to add some great costume, cosplay and latex pictures on there and that will continue to be the case from now on. I’ll also post pictures from new costume and rockabilly photoshoots when the weather permits it.


The World Cup!

2014 Brazil World Cup Logo

The Brazil 2014 football world cup kicked off in June and I’ve been all over it like a rash. To be fair I’ve been working away while listening to it on the radio, so the articles are still being written and orders are being processed. With the games kicking off after 5pm it’s been work during the day and listen to them (and check out a few highlights) while I work at night.

It’s been a fantastic tournament so far (minus England going out) and long may it continue. Well, for the next few weeks at least.


Game of Thrones is over…for now

The Game of Thrones throne

Picture credit: Chicago Now

We laughed. We cried (with laughter). We sat there stunned with a look of horror on our faces…and that was all during episode 2 when Joffrey got his comeupance.

Yes, sadly Game of Thrones has come to an end for another year leaving many of us itching for the new series. Unfortunately that won’t be till April 2015, but I’m in no doubt that many of you will want to wear GoT inspired costumes for Halloween this year. Knowing this I’ll do my best to get some GoT makeup tutorials, costume advice and maybe a few themed party ideas for the big October holiday.


Puss cats update

Two cats sleeping on a bed.

By now you may or may not be aware that my home/office is graced by the presence of two beautiful cats. One (Booker) is very relaxed, independant and easy going. The other (Little sister) is needy, adorable and I can’t say no to giving her abit of fuss when she meows at me. It doesn’t help when you’re trying to keep busy but they’re far too cute to ignore.

So, if I fail to post for a few days they’re my iron clad excuse.

For the Bioshock fans out there you’ll know why we named them Booker and Little Sister. Kat and I are huge fans and we strongly encourange anyone who hasn’t played the series to do so.


Coming up in August

Honestly at the moment I have no clue :p June was a busy time and July will be the same. Looking that far ahead right now feels like a pointless task as it will all depend on what I can get organised and how far everything progresses this month. I might put out another update later in the month if I get a plan together and to let you know what’s going on.

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The owner of Otley Run Fancy Dress and a fancy dress guru. He's also an amateur photographer who has experience with cosplay and costume photography.

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