Maleficent Makeup Tutorial Videos

It’s a sad truth that I STILL (at the point of writing this) haven’t seen the new 2014 Disney Maleficent movie but I’ve heard great things from a few avid Disney fans I know. I’ve seen loads of fantastic Maleficent makeup tutorial videos and guides that I’m going to share with you today as I know many of you will want to do Maleficent costumes over the summer or for Halloween.


Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

Picture credit: Disney

On a side note I’m shocked at the quality of the pictures on the official Disney website for the Maleficent movie. I just visited the site looking for pictures for this article and some of them look like really grainy screen grabs from the movie. Poor show Disney! I expect better from you. On the other hand some of the pictures (including the picture above) are excellent and give us a great reference image for doing the makeup and costume.


The Best Maleficent Makeup Tutorial Videos

My partner Kat did a Maleficent costume for an event we attended in June and I’m going to do a video or pictures guide with her soon based on the costume she made. She made the horns herself using some of these tutorials but we altered the design and used the materials we had or bought locally to create them. Well, she made them. I nodded my head and approved at each stage.

So without any more jabbering here are a few of the best Makeficent makeup tutorial videos I could find. Enjoy!







Maleficient Limited Edition MAC Makeup

The limited edition MAC Maleficent makeup range.

Picture credit: MAC Cosmetics

MAC made a limited edition Maleficent range that sold out very quickly on their website. I know this because Kat had her eye on a the lipstick and wasn’t a happy bunny when it sold out. She had her eye on it for a few days and it sold out before she could buy it.

I know there are loads of the range on eBay going for inflated prices at the moment. Please be aware that there will be fakes cropping up as demand’s high.


Aurora Makeup Tutorial

While many of you have come here for the Maleficent makeup tutorial videos I also thought it would be useful to include an Aurora tutorial as well.



Maleficent Costume Tips

Let’s be honest, it’s all about the horns with this costume. If you don’t want to make your own I’m sure you can buy some from a retailer online (though after a quick search I couldn’t find any. Please share a link in the comments if you find some). I’m not going to go into the making of the horns in the movie much here so you can read all about it instead here.

For those of you who do want to make your own Maleficent horns, which I commend you for, here are a few links and tutorials to do it.

Firstly, here’s a look at the official Maleficent horns from the movie:



This tutorial was made by serious costume makers and is very likely out of the reach of many of you. The horns and head cap were made by FX professionals using polystyrene blocks as a base. It might offer a few ideas if you’re handy with craft materials and have a workshop to play in.



Now this is more like it. This tutorial will guide you through making your own horns with basic materials. You could make your own horns for less than £10 using this video, which is an absolute bargain in my opinion.



I bought Kat a roll of shiny black electrical tape to cover her horns but if you’re going for a more screen accurate look you could consider covering your horns in faux leather. It’s fairly cheap and your horns will last through a single night of wearing them. I did a quick search on eBay and founds loads of faux leather material here.


We want more!

Please post links to your own favourite Maleficent makeup tutorial videos or guides in the comments below and I’ll add the best ones to the article. If you’ve made your own costume, horns or made a Maleficent makeup tutorial I’d love to hear from you also. If you message me a link to your guide or pictures of your costume I’ll also add them to this page so we can all see what you’ve achieved.

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