Alice in Wonderland Cosplay in the Park

Last week I had a fantastic Alice in Wonderland cosplay photo shoot in Leeds with a couple of excellent local models. The weather finally held out and we we’re able to nip round to a local park to get some fun snaps. We also did some other costume pictures including Sailor Moon, Minnie Mouse and an army girl costume but I’ll save those for another post.

A girl wearing an Alice in Wonderland cosplay costume.


I shot with one of the models the previous week on a different project and we discussed her coming back to do some fun costume shots. She agreed and I’m so glad it happened as we all had a great time. Working with people who enjoy wearing the costumes and getting into character pretty much ensures that the shots are going to come out well and, as you’ll see below, this is exactly what happened.


Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Pictures

So, after a few hours of costume changes, shooting and a good amount of giggling we got round to shooting this set of Alice in Wonderland cosplay pictures. I’m a huge fan of the original Disney movie and the characters are perfect to experiment with.

All of the Alice in Wonderland fancy dress costumes come from our collection and are available on our website. Many of the outfits come in a range of sizes and if we don’t have the size you want please message us to check on availability.


A girl in a Queen of Hearts cosplay costume.

This cheeky Red Queen costume includes the dress and glittery crown. We highly recommend using a few hair clips to pin the crown into your hair so it doesn’t fall off easily.

Here’s a cool Queen of Hearts makeup tutorial for anyone wanting to get the full look:

A cosplayer dressed as Alice in a park.

This is my favourite Alice in Wonderland cosplay costume from our collection. It’s simple but the quality is excellent and works very well with the included ribbon belt.


Alice and Red Queen cosplayers in a park.

The girls got a little creative and had some fun near the end of the shoot. This shot is part of a series of “creeping” pictures we took but I like this one the best. I might post a few of the others soon, but for now I hope you enjoy this one as much as we did.


Queen of Hearts sat on a bench with Alice kneeling at her feet.

And now for something completely different. This shot has given me a few ideas for a few future Disney themed photo shoots involving popular Disney princesses and villains.



Please do let me know what you think about this Alice in Wonderland cosplay shoot and the costumes we used. If you have any constructive feedback I’m happy to hear it.

If you’d also like to contribute a few ideas I’ll certainly consider them for future photo shoots.

About the Author: David Hayler

The owner of Otley Run Fancy Dress and a fancy dress guru. He's also an amateur photographer who has experience with cosplay and costume photography.

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