Ladies Renaissance Costumes Now Available

As a HUGE Game of Thrones fan I’ve been keeping a keen eye open for some gorgeous ladies renaissance costumes to offer on the website. I received plenty of inquiries before Halloween from friends asking if I had anything medieval or renaissance themed. Sadly, I had nothing. Now, that’s changed.

I am very happy to announce that we now have a fantastic range of ladies renaissance costumes available to buy on our retail site. I’ve done my best to get a great range of costumes to suit all tastes. Sadly our suppliers only stock these dresses in smaller sizes at the moment (UK 6/8/10) but I’m working hard to get them in bigger sizes soon. Once the bigger sizes become available I’ll let you all know via the blog and social media.

The quality of these outfits is fantastic. I purchased a few to sample them and was blown away by the quality immediately. I have no doubt you could wear it for a larping weekend away or for a medieval event with no issue.


Our New Range of Ladies Renaissance Costumes

So here they are. I’ve introduced a smaller range to begin with but will be adding new dresses over the next few months. As I previously mentioned these are only available in smaller sizes for now but I’ll add the larger sizes once our suppliers starts offering them.

Kat and I love the gold and green renaissance dress (number 5) as the detailing on the dress is really beautiful. I asked our model Chloe for her opinions when we shot them and she completely agreed. She also mentioned that all of the dresses she modeled for us were incredibly comfortable, warm when worn outdoors in chilly weather and looked fantastic.


1. Maid Marion Costume – £34.99

Blonde model wearing a maid Marion dress.


2. Red Medieval Costume – £34.99

Blonde girl wearing a red renaissance dress.


3. Blue Renaissance Costume – £44.99

Model wearing a blue renaissance costume in a garden.

4. Purple Renaissance Costume – £44.99

Chloe wearing a purple medieval dress.

5. Green & Gold Renaissance Costume – £39.99

Chloe in a green and gold larping costume.


6. Black Medieval Dress – £34.99

Girl wearing our black medieval dress.


You can buy all of our ladies renaissance costumes from our website with 1st class recorded delivery (1-2 days) for £3.99. If you need your order quickly we can also send it via special delivery, which will arrive the next day. If you’re ordering on a Friday and need it for Saturday please contact us so we can discuss weekend delivery options. These are more expensive but will guarantee that you still receive your costume the very next day.

If you find that any of our costumes are out of stock please contact us via our website and let us know which costume you’re interested in. We’ll keep you updated when new stock is due and contact you when it arrives.

About the Author: David Hayler

The owner of Otley Run Fancy Dress and a fancy dress guru. He's also an amateur photographer who has experience with cosplay and costume photography.

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