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Brazil World Cup 2014 Costume Ideas

2014 Brazil World Cup Logo

The Fifa Brazil world cup 2014 started on Thursday evening when Brazil kicked off the tornament against Croatia with a 3-1 win. With the hot heat and party reputation our hosts are likely to put on one hell of an event. Some of you might be lucky enough to make the trip over there and […]


Fancy Dress: Buy, Rent or Make Yourself?

Two sailor costumes

It’s becoming more and more common that people buy their fancy dress costumes rather than renting or making them. Costumes are readily available at a much more affordable price than they were as little as 5 years ago, which could explain why crafting one by hand is becoming a less popular option. My question is […]


Queen of Hearts Fancy Dress

Ladies Queen of Hearts Fancy Dress Costume

Alice in Wonderland fancy dress related outfits have been incredibly popular for many years, but with the 2010 release of Tim Burton’s version the Queen of Hearts fancy dress costume really boosted its profile. At Otley Run Fancy Dress we recognised that demand would be huge so we’ve stocked up on a range of outfits […]


Does Wearing Fancy Dress Embarrass You?

Big Bang Theory Fancy Dress Costumes

Do you dread the day when an invitation either arrives through your post box, in your email inbox or on your Facebook account for a fancy dress party? Is your first thought “I might just give this party a miss” because dressing up in a costume embarrasses you? Well here are Otley Run Fancy Dress […]


Kill Bill Costume

A girl wearing a yellow PVC Kill Bill costume

A personality that stands for justice and bravery, ‘The Bride’ in Kill Bill Volume one and two has really captivated the minds of many and always becomes a hot topic during Halloween. While trying to choose a Kill Bill Costume, there are various characters you can depict. Some of the kill bill costume ideas to […]