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Ladies Sailor Fancy Dress Costumes from ORFD

Fancy Dress Costumes

We love fancy dress costumes here at ORFD and with good reason. They’re fun, look fantastic, make you feel better and don’t cost a fortune to buy. We’ve all seen people dressed up and having a good time be it at a party or in your local town centre in bars and clubs.

Ladies Fancy Dress Costumes

There are hundreds if not thousands of terrific fancy dress costumes to choose from for your next party, cosplay event, night out or even for a cheeky night at home locked away in your bedroom with your partner. Here are a few ideas for you to consider when you choose your own fancy dress costumes:

  • Uniforms – Nurse Fancy Dress, Pilot Costumes, Sailor Fancy Dress Costumes
  • Fairytales – Snow White Fancy Dress, Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress
  • Circus – Clown Costumes
  • Hen Night – Bride
  • Holiday – Printed T-Shirts
  • Television – Baywatch, Smurfs, Flintstones
  • Movie – Kill Bill Costume, Catwoman Costume
  • Halloween Fancy Dress – Devil Costumes, Skeleton Costumes, Witch Costumes, Zombies Costumes
  • Sports – Referee Fancy Dress, Racer Girl Costumes, Cheerleader


ORFD Ladies Fancy Dress Costumes


Our Top Selling Fancy Dress Costumes

Our best selling fancy dress costumes are as follows:

1. Sailor Fancy Dress

Still easily our best seller and you all just keep coming back for more. We add new designs and sizes every month so you have a fresh look each and every time you go out. So if it’s sailor fancy dress costumes you’re looking for look no further! You can see a quick slide show video of sailor fancy dress costumes from our collection below.



2. Kill Bill Costume

Our top selling catsuit and for a good reason. It looks fantastic and you can’t find it in many places around the world, so your outfit idea will be quite unique. A little saucy as it’s made from PVC and will definately have people talking about it for months after you wear it.

3. Catwoman Costumes

The Batman Returns costume worn by Michelle Pfeiffer remains a hot pick for you ladies and when Halloween roles around every October you buy them in their hundreds. We also stock a latex catsuit, which is more like the one worn by Anne Hathaway in the Dark Knight Rises.

4. Fairytale Fancy Dress

With the whole Disney collection of characters to choose from and a whole lot more there really is no excuse for not being able to come up with a fairytale costume. Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Alice, Dorothy, Wicked Witch, Rag Doll, Sleeping Beauty, the Queen of Hearts or the Red Queen, Bo Peep and Tinkerbell fancy dress costumes all fly off the shelves no matter what the time of year.

5. Minnie Mouse Fancy Dress

Everyone womans favourite Disney character. The famous red and white polka dot dress worn by the iconic animated star has been snapped up by you all for a long time and as the colder months of winter turn into the warmer months of summer this trend picks up.

6. Oktoberfest Fancy Dress

The famous German beer festival is held between September and October every year and as some of you jet set off to sink a few pints of the finest Bavarian beer you usually pick up fancy dress costumes for the trip. We stock a good selection and some of the pictures we’ve received from our customers wearing the outfits has firmly reassured us that the outfits do the job.

7. Black Swan Costume

The 2010 movie earnt female star Natalie Portman an Oscar, so it came as no surprise when our delicious black swan corset started to sell out quickly. This is easily one of our more popular fancy dress costumes at Halloween.

8. Greek Goddess Fancy Dress

Clean, white, elegant and very popular. Toga fancy dress costumes are a theme in themselves and this really does the trick. With a cheeky slit down the side you’ll show off enough leg to put Angelina Jolie to shame!

9. PVC Catsuits

Our black and yellow PVC catsuits are for the more adventurous party goers. The tight, figure hugging fancy dress costumes really show off your natural curves and attract a lot of attention, so expect many photos and to be treated like an A-lister.

10. School Girl Costumes

Who doesn’t love reminiscing about the old days back at school? For some of you it might only have been a few years ago, but for others the opportunity to wear fancy dress costumes that take us back is too hard to resist.


A very worthy mention also goes to….

Zombie Nurse and School Girl Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes


Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes

We stock a large range of Halloween fancy dress costumes with new ones added every year. With hundreds selling throughout October it’s tough for us not to include our Halloween outfits in the top sellers list but we prefer to reserve the covetted spots for fancy dress costumes that sell all year round. Check out just a few of our Halloween fancy dress costumes in the video below.



Well there we have it, a run down of our biggest and best fancy dress costumes. Its been emotional and we hope that its been useful in helping you pick fancy dress costumes for either yourself or for a group night out.

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