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March 2013 Update

Man in mask

What a month! February was busy to say the least and March looks like it might be busier still. Welcome to all of the new readers that have found their way over to this blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed all that you’ve seen and read. If I get enough free hours in the next […]


February 2013 Update

Girl with bloody hands holding her face.

The month of February started out in much the same way as January did in the UK, cold with patches of snow. Thankfully the sun’s been out just enough to remind me that there’s hope ahead with warmer weather. Image Source: Tenori-Tiger The month of February started out in much the same way as January […]


January 2013 Update

Kat as a snow angel

We’re well into 2013 and this is my first blog update in quite some time. Christmas and new year both went great (thank you to those who asked) and the recent snow storm in the UK has been quite an experience. Now that the weather has started to improve and we’ve fully moved into our […]


Where The Hell Have You Been?!

Fairy Cosplay with Pink Hair

Remember me? Your friendly, hard working cosplay writer, photographer and fan of all things fancy dress? We’ll, I’ve been a busy bee and have focused my attention elsewhere, which has left this poor blog feeling quite neglected. Fear not, I’m back with a quick update and news of a new article due in the next […]


Diamond Jubilee Week. Friday Update

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert

A Three Day Week Thanks To HRH   First and foremost many congratulations to HRH (her Royal highness for those of you not in the know) the Queen for making it 60 years in the job on Tuesday. I presume my invites to the flotilla and jubilee concert were lost in the post (typical Royal […]


Baby, It’s Warm Outside. Friday Update

An Evening Sun Going Down Behind A Tree

The Temperature ‘s Soaring and My Mind’s In Overdrive Photo by Werol Can’t place the title lyric? It’s a play on the Christmas song ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ by Frank Loesser…clever right? See what I did there? OK, so this warm weather we’re experiencing in the UK is draining my mind of clever things to […]


Yorkshire and Leeds Cosplayers Unite!

Deviant Art Logo and Text

New Deviant Art Group Created For Yorkshire and Leeds Cosplayers I have no idea if this is going to work, but life is all about taking chances. I’ve set up a new group on deviantart aimed at Yorkshire or more specifically Leeds cosplayers. I’m hoping it can become a hub for cosplayers, photographers and costume […]


FREE PVC Catsuits! Apply Within!

Free PVC Catsuits Giveaway

So we’ve got a bag full of free PVC catsuits to give away. Wait, what? FREE?! What’s the catch? OK, so sadly there is a catch. They’re all broken or damaged in a way, but I have a stack of heavy PVC catsuits sat in the warehouse that I can’t sell. Instead of simply throwing […]