August 2013 Update

Front of white cherry dress

OK, so I haven’t done an update since way back in April and I can only apologise. I could come up with all sorts of fantastical excuses but honestly I don’t have any. Well, unless you count adding a whole new section of products to the website, organising our Halloween blog schedule, booking a new […]


We Now Accept Card Payments Over The Phone

The Intuit Logo

We used to receive countless enquiries from people asking if they could make card payments over the phone. Until now we’ve had to deny all requests, instead sending a payment request to an email address. Well now we can finally take payments on the phone using Intuit, our shiny new payment gateway. If you see […]


April 2013 Update

A little girl dressed as Little Sister

It just doesn’t get any easier here at Fancy Dress Queen. It’s been another very busy month and it feels like this is the first time I’ve sat down and realised it. My apologies to the visitors who come here to check out cosplay costume pictures. It’s been a very busy month on the fancy […]


Why We No Longer Send Out Free Exchanges


I’ve received a number of customer complaints over the last few weeks on our eBay store and website demanding to know why we don’t offer free exchanges on our costumes. One buyer even exclaimed that it’s ‘outrageous’ that we wouldn’t send her a costume in a different size when she’d paid to send the other […]


Rockabilly Dresses Now in Stock

One of our rockabilly dresses

Seeing as 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s style clothing and costumes are so popular at the moment we thought it was about time that we offered you all a fabulous range of new rockabilly dresses. We’ve worked hard to get in a few gorgeous designs that we think you’ll all love. If the response and […]


Doing the Otley Run in Fancy Dress: Our Guide

People dressed as tourists on the Otley run

18 pubs, 18 pints. That statement brings back a few memories. With my years of experience doing the Otley Run pub and bar crawl (some I remember, many I don’t) I’ve picked up a few tips, which I’m going to offer you today. Most of these tips will apply to bar crawls across the country, […]


Who Are The Best And Worst Cosplayers For Fan Interaction?

A cosplayer with a fan

A comment on a recent article got me thinking. With my limited convention experience (I generally take pictures of cosplayers at private photoshoots) I’m not in a particularly good position to comment on the best and worst cosplayers to deal with. Those of you who are regulars at conventions held around the world will certainly […]


BioShock Cosplay Costumes: The Best On The Web

BioShock Cosplayer

With the release of BioShock Infinite on Tuesday has brought with it a black out on social opportunities for me. None of my friends are answering phone calls, emails or text messages. Instead they’re all glued to the latest release in the BioShock series and, according to the reviews I’ve read, with good reason. Instead […]