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Giorgia Cosplay Black Widow Costume

Giorgia Wearing a Black Widow Costume

Last week I did a piece looking at Giorgia cosplay and the response has been fantastic. Many of you sent me messages letting me know how much you enjoyed learning about her and seeing her incredible cosplay costumes. Since then she’s released a new cosplay picture showing her wearing her latest creation, a mind blowing […]


FREE PVC Catsuits! Apply Within!

Free PVC Catsuits Giveaway

So we’ve got a bag full of free PVC catsuits to give away. Wait, what? FREE?! What’s the catch? OK, so sadly there is a catch. They’re all broken or damaged in a way, but I have a stack of heavy PVC catsuits sat in the warehouse that I can’t sell. Instead of simply throwing […]


Latex Care Guide

Girl wearing a black latex catsuit

This latex care guide was created to help buyers of our latex garments on our retail website but the tips apply to all items made from rubber latex. We recently received an email from an unhappy customer letting us know that the latex catsuit she received was a dull, rubber looking material and that it […]


Catwoman Costume

A black PVC Catwoman costume

Every time she passes by another human, a Catwoman gives out the message: ‘I am enigmatic. Unpredictability marks my behaviour. Smartness and good-natured humour covers every bit and piece of me.’ And to carry that off, the Catwoman costume must be perfectly made and worn. If we read through the history of Catwoman, we will […]