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Catwoman Cosplay on Location Photoshoot Pictures

Catwoman in a Dark Gotham Street

Last week I embarked on a journey that I’ll be recording here on the blog along with on Deviant Art. I’ve decided to put my new found enthusiasm for photography and the equipment I have at my disposal to good use by creating some cool cosplay pictures. I will not be charging anyone for my […]


Superhero Fancy Dress

Supergirl Superhero Fancy Dress Costume

The heroes and villains genre has exploded over recent years, which is why we see more and more superhero fancy dress costumes on offer in stores and on websites. They range from the blatantly obvious choices of Batman, Superman and Spiderman to less obvious niche picks like Aquaman, the Human Torch and Miss Marvel. It […]


Catwoman Costume

A black PVC Catwoman costume

Every time she passes by another human, a Catwoman gives out the message: ‘I am enigmatic. Unpredictability marks my behaviour. Smartness and good-natured humour covers every bit and piece of me.’ And to carry that off, the Catwoman costume must be perfectly made and worn. If we read through the history of Catwoman, we will […]