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Contribution: Enji Night Cosplay

Enji Night Cosplay

Having just seen the Avengers movie (like many of us) last weekend I’m well and truely in the superhero mood. Kat (my partner) and I were going to do a whole Marvel movies build up before seeing the movie this weekend when it’s released at the IMAX, but we found out our local IMAX isn’t […]


Contribution: Twisted Wonderland

Twisted Wonderland Photo of Princess Nightmare

Princess Nightmare: Twisted Wonderland   It’s quite common that we stumble on some amazing cosplay costume pictures and convention photographs taken by fans. On our latest trawl through the interwebs we found the incredible profile owned by Princess Nightmare. If you’re a fan of dressing up, cosplay or just appreciate something a little bit different […]


Contribution: Zelda Na’vi Cosplay Costume

Na'vi Cosplay Costume Close Up

Elven Butterfly: Zelda Na’vi Cosplay Costume     A huge thank you must go to Elven Butterfly for her Na’vi cosplay costume contribution. If any of our readers have any comments or feedback, please leave them in the comments box at the end of the article.   How I Made my Na’vi Cosplay Costume Hello […]


Leeds Thought Bubble 2011 Pictures

Kat as the Kill Bill Bride and Harley Quinn at Leeds ThoughtBubble 2011

Today Kat and I went to the Royal Armouries in Leeds for Thought Bubble 2011 and we were not disappointed. As far as I’m aware the event is the largest comic book and sequential art convention in the north of England held once every year. Thought Bubble 2011 is the 5th year for the event […]